TP link HS110S on sale at Walmart for $14.99



These work really well with Alexa etc and are quite a bit cheaper:


They’re not supported in the Sense app :slight_smile:


And don’t measure power - that’s one reason the Hs-110s are pricier, but much more useful in this context.


Yes they are but as @samheidie already said, they don’t work with the Sense app whereas the TP Link 110S does.


2 pack on sale still today at B&H for $17


Newegg has the V2 HS110 for $13.99

TP-LINK HS110 V2 Smart Plug with USB Charging Port


They showed out of stock yesterday when I tried and today they show back ordered, yet I can’t find anyway to buy them at this price :frowning:


It was a CyberMonday price only. They’re back to regular pricing again today unfortunately :frowning:


Actually it is listed as a Cyber WEEK deal, price still good just back ordered. I sent them an email about getting the price when they are back in stock - will see what they say.