Tp link HS110S kits on sale

2 packs are on sale for $22.99 at Newegg until Sunday. I highly recommend you get in on this deal. :grin:


I ordered 2 kits (4 plugs) myself :slight_smile:

Sadly, USA only.

Yeah unfortunately. I can probably get you some European ones. Most of my family still lives in the Netherlands.

Thanks for the link to savings! Just bought 4 more!

Expired before Sunday, thanks for the heads up though!

$15.99 each at BHPhoto right now. Best I could find at this point in time.

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Unfortunately the sale did end yeah :frowning:

Amazon and Walmart online also have HS110s on sale for $15.99.

Aha. On this side of the border Walmart doesn’t even carry them, and the Amazon offerings are >$40.

That’s why I was excited to find them on a site that shipped to Canada for a price that still was basically ~50% of what I could buy them for locally.

:slight_smile:eBay listing: 2 FOR $29.00 PLUS FREE SHIPPING:slight_smile:
update: SOLD OUT

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B&H Photo has them two for $31.98

So what is on the horizon when these become discontinued… Any other models being evaluated for inclusion? From what I can tell, and the availability of said units, this can’t be that far off.

my fingers are crossed for a few of the inwall outlets with monitoring

My thoughts exactly. I’ve been looking for some decent in wall outlets. So far the only one I’ve found only has monitoring on one of two outlets, which I do not want to invest in.

Newegg has the HS110 V2 (one unit) version on sale for $14.99 After Promo Code: NEFPBC67

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Great share @frankwin.hooglander, unfortunately I was too late

HS110 plugs are on sale at B&H. 2-pack for 21.99.