Tp link HS110S kits on sale


2 packs are on sale for $22.99 at Newegg until Sunday. I highly recommend you get in on this deal. :grin:


I ordered 2 kits (4 plugs) myself :slight_smile:


Sadly, USA only.


Yeah unfortunately. I can probably get you some European ones. Most of my family still lives in the Netherlands.


Thanks for the link to savings! Just bought 4 more!


Expired before Sunday, thanks for the heads up though!


$15.99 each at BHPhoto right now. Best I could find at this point in time.


Unfortunately the sale did end yeah :frowning:


Amazon and Walmart online also have HS110s on sale for $15.99.


Aha. On this side of the border Walmart doesn’t even carry them, and the Amazon offerings are >$40.

That’s why I was excited to find them on a site that shipped to Canada for a price that still was basically ~50% of what I could buy them for locally.