The big Smart Home Deals sale topic

Since these go on sale regularly somewhere I figured I’d start a new topic to keep track of these sales. I’ll start off with this one:

When: Sunday December 16, 2018
Were: B&H Photo
What: TP-Link HS110 - 2 pack
Price: $ 31.98


That’s not a good price, these regularly go on sale for ~$20 for a 2 pack. I’ll keep an eye out and add deals as I see them pop up.

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Yes they go on sale for cheaper sometimes, but this was currently the best price I could find today.

There’s also the single pack for $15.99

I did find this deal today on Phillips Hue bulbs. 4 pack of 60W refurb bulbs for $26. Hopefully this is helpful to others here.

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The best price I have gotten was from B and H photo, a 2 pack of HS110 for 18.00. I assume it was some sort of Christmas special price because I paid $28 in August for a 2 pack.

I like this thread. :grinning:

Might I suggest making it a bit more general to focus on all smart home deals? Like @senseinaz did with Hue bulbs above.

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Yeah I took advantage of that deal too. I figured it was a mistake as it was only up for < 2 hours. They did honor it though.

Sure. I changed the topic to match :stuck_out_tongue:

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TP-Link Color bulb for $25. This is a great bulb (I own several) great for porch / garage lights outside so you can change colors depending on the season. :slight_smile: That’s what I use mine for. Currently going between Red and Green for Christmas :slight_smile:


Ecobee 3 thermostat with 3 sensors for $179.

Google Home Hub + 2 Google Home Minis for $129|google&sts=ma

TP-Link Lb120 smart bulbs 2 pack for $30

TP Link HS-110 2 pack for $25

TP Link LB-110 Smart Bulb : $8.75

Dang. Ordered a 2 pack on Amazon last week for $30.

It’s ok, I just went to the link and it is out of stock.

I bought 6 Tp110 from Walmart for 15 each like them so far.

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B&H Photo has these on sale for a limited time for only $24 for a two pack.

They show as $49.99 but there is an instant coupon to click on which takes off 52% and no shipping charges and no tax to certain places…

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Item discontinued on that page as of
February 25, 2019 11:25am

made myself a shortcut link to this page so i can check it regularly. Kicking myself for not taking advantage of that sale on the hs110’s that B&H Photo was having but i did order another set of two for $31 from them earlier today.

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