The big Smart Home Deals sale topic

31% off HS300 today:


That’s a great deal

From my experience with Sense so far, it seems that the HS110 plug integration is a big plus to help with accurate device detection and reporting (and to hopefully help Sense learn in the medium term).

So I was about to buy a few more of those, and naturally went to Amazon where a new one runs $23.94 right now (at least for me, not sure if the prices are the same for everyone). Then I found that Walmart is selling them for $15.99, free 2-day shipping if you buy 3 or more.

Since I suspect many Sense users may be buying several of these, I thought I’d share.

(For the record I am not affiliated with Walmart in any way, and in fact I very rarely shop there)


If you’re looking to get into Hue and Google Assistant, this is a pretty great deal. $169 for color Hue start kit and two Home Minis:

Amazon has the HS300 on sale for a discount of $25 making the final price $54.99. Limit to one per customer.


The Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip by TP-Link HS300 is presently on sale at Amazon for $55 – normally $80. Looks like this sale ends tonight at Midnight (PST).


That’s an awesome deal.

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Thank you so much for the heads up. Maybe will end up with a few at this price :+1:

The sale for this HS300 for $55 ends in a couple of hours. Actually ends at midnight eastern time.
Keep in mind there is a quantity limit of only one per account limited by the seller (TP-Link) so if you are like me and want more then you’ll have to use multiple accounts to buy more than one.

Yeah I took advantage of it with 3 different accounts :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just did two of them but had whittled my amazon accounts down to one. So I had to create another for this purpose and sign up for the prime trial. We will see if I save anything in the long run, I’ll probably forget to cancel prime before the free portion is over with.

In addition to the above link you can purchase these on a 5 play plan without extra cost or interest at
For those of us considered tightwads or thrifty and don’t want to let go of the money so easily|M|Generic|home+improvement--pla--sGOOHZjga|dm_44906292187_pla-468139711607__E299978-000-000&mkwid=sGOOHZjga|dm_pcrid_44906292187_468139711607_pkw__pmt__productid_E299978-000-000&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwZvpqMXV4QIVzFYNCh3Z6QydEAQYAyABEgJ2XfD_BwE

The HS300 is currently on a $69.99 sale in several places.
Best Buy
B & H Photo
All with Free Shipping

HS300 for $20 off today for Prime Day:

And Sense is $40 off if you’re looking for another or for a gift. :partying_face:


When you visit the amazon link, scroll down a little and you’ll see where you can get one “renewed” for $5 less at $54.99
I buy a lot of these “renewed” items and they are usually brand new, never used. It appears they are returns.

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