New WiFi SmartThings Plug

Please please please integrate this new Samsung SmartThings plug!

It finally runs WiFi so here’s hoping it works on your end. I currently have Kasa HS110 plugs but this promises to be a heck of a lot better. For starters, it does everything the Kasa energy monitoring plug does for half the cost. The Kasa plug also takes up a whole outlet even though it only supports one device (ie once you plug a Kasa outlet into a wall outlet there’s not enough space on a single-gang outlet to even plug in another dumb device). Kasa can be made to work with SmartThings but one would assume this device works natively and hence a bit better. Thanks and good luck!



I don’t see energy monitoring listed as a feature. Am I missing it? That would be a hard stop for Sense integration.

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Totally agree. Samsung buried this little blurb under “Automate an entire room” which is why I’m thinking/hoping it’s there:

“Use multiple SmartThings Wifi Smart Plugs to work together. Monitor energy usage and set routines to power off when you’re away.”

FWIW there old plug (“SmartThings Outlet 2018”) has the feature but it’s not listed on their site as a feature there either. My devices won’t show up for another week but here’s hoping it does indeed allow you to ‘monitor energy usage’! I’ll report back once I know for sure.



These SmartPlugs showed up today and they definitely perform energy monitoring. As expected they also allow you to fit two plugs in a single-gang outlet (see pictures relative a TP Link HS1110).

FYI: setup was a bit messy as they don’t support the legacy SmartThings app that most of us likely use (SmartThings Classic). But I had good luck installing the new app, setting them up, and then using them as normal in the SmartThings Classic app. But still far easier than using a separate app, installing code, etc. just to get a similar result. Note that (see pictures) power monitoring seems to work on the new app but not the Classic one. But these should hopefully work great for Sense’s purpose!




Cool - do they also have an open API to access power data ? The discussion of old vs. new app raises questions ?

I’ll let smarter people than me comment on Samsung’s API (if any) as that’s above my pay grade/intellect.

The old/new app probably isn’t a big deal. Samsung has been trying to get people to use its new app for a while but it’s a real chore if you’re already using the old app - last I heard doing so required you to pretty much rebuild your entire home from scratch. And if you’ve got hundreds of devices like many of us do (myself included) this is a royal PITA. About a year ago (ish) Samsung renamed Samsung Smart Home to SmartThings and then renamed SmartThings as SmartThings Classic. It’s all needlessly confusing and complicated but nothing that should hopefully worry Sense.


Thanks for sharing. Obviously, not going to make any promises here, but we will take a look.