ConnectSense Outlets

I’d love to see integration with the ConectSense smart outlets ( It would not only benefit your end users. But it would also add to your data. As they collect energy usage details. One other advantage is they are currently the only 20amp outlet that does this.


These look really cool ! Compatibility with HomeKit makes them really interesting to me, but the required security (end to end security) probably makes it much harder to fit this smart plug into the the existing style of Sense smart plug integrations. If you want to investigate, that might help. Here’s how current Kasa integration works:

Not going to trade in my HS110s, or HS300s just yet.

Due to the for the help I received from @duanetiemann I wrote C# software that allows a Crestron automation processor to collect data from an HS110. C# code for a Crestron automation processor is compiled under Visual Studio so I believe it should be generic enough to be easily ported to another platform. The code can be found here:

Hope this helps

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