T P Link range Extender Smart plug

I purchased a range extender smart plug to use because I had poor range with the HS110.
Sense doesn’t recognize it.
Anyone else have one and have success with

You are talking about Sense recognizing the HS110 when the HS110 is talking through the range extender ??

Does the Kasa app see that HS110 via the range extender ??

FYI - I have multiple access points in my house to extend range and that works just fine as long as all the HS110s and Sense are on the same subnet.

No @kevin1, this product is both a smart plug and a range extender built as a single unit. It is a AC750 on the box but T P Link calls it the RE270K.
Kasa recognizes it as both a range extender (that’s how to set it up) and also as a smart plug, just like an HS110. Sense doesn’t see it. KASA and Alexa both see and operate it just fine but there is t any recognition or functionality through sense.
It works by connecting to WiFi and then creates an additional WiFi with the same paranoias the original except the name has EXT appended to it. It works like any other range extender where it is essentially a relay. I thought the plug part would be detected by sense but hasn’t been.
I can say the range extender part of it is working perfectly and can easily be seen from the neighbors hour and we live rurally.

Sense only supports the TPlink HS110 plug and the HS300 Power strip. The RE270K does not offer the features that Sense needs in able to support it. Sense relies on smart plugs that support power monitoring.


What Ben said… There are several TP Link smartplugs that are not integrated with Sense, including the RE270K, because they don’t offer power metering. I though your were talking about linking to a far away HS110 via the range extender.

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That’s what I’m doing is linking an HS110 through the RE270K to get to my main network. The HS110 is recognized,just not the 270. You bothare correct, it doesn’t have monitoring.
Works as an excellent extension

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Glad to see you have a solution to your signal strength issue !

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Thank you @kevin1
The range extender is really amazing. The down side is how big it is. While it uses a single plug, the other plug in the receptacle is blocked due to its size. It’s well worth the trade off and I’ll stick it somewhere out of sight. It even helps you place it in the best location. It shows you in th KASA GUI the signal strength to you router and allows you to place it right at the edge of losing signal.
It was less expensive than the HS110 at $21. Too bad about monitoring but monitoring was doing any good when it would t communicate.

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