Where do I add TPlink Smart Plugs?


I just purchased and installed Sense and I don’t see anywhere to add the smart plug integration. Is this because I am still in the 1-2 day “calibration” stage? Thanks!


Until you get past the initial calibration stage you won’t be able to do much at all unfortunately - patience, young grasshopper. :slight_smile:

You can go ahead and set the HS110’s up now including adding them in the Kasa app. As soon as your Sense is finished it’s calibration stage and comes “online” normally it should then detect the HS110’s in short order and add them to your devices list.

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Great thanks! Already have them in Kasa. I figured…I’m just too excited I guess.


This is good advice but also extremely difficult to follow.
Here is a couple good links for newcomers


There actually are two step you have to take for the TP Links to work with your Sense. Aside from setting them up in the Kasa App, you have to enable the integration in the Sense App
See this help article, but in short, go to Settings / My Home / Connected Devices to set it up.
It is not listed in there official instructions, but if you enable the TP Link and don’t see your plugs after some time, turn on “Network Listening”. Back when Smart Plug support was first added, you had to have Network Listening turned on. They may have changed that to not be true now.

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First, welcome to Sense and the Sense Community!

The posts from @oshawapilot and @ben are spot on. After Sense goes through its signal check process, you’ll be able to get them set up.


Up and running now. Thanks guys!


I just purchased two of the TP HS110 smart plugs. What are some of your recommendations on how to use them to better understand my energy consumption?


My 2c,

Put them on devices or outlet strips of devices that:

  • Have significant power draw
  • Are unlikely to be found by Sense in the medium term (electronics, AV systems, appliances with complex power usage like washing machines)

Don’t plan on moving them around between devices. Or if you do, buy and extra and use it as a “traveller” to investigate the remaining undetected devices in your house. There’s long term value in keeping a fixed device or set of devices (outlet strip) on a smartplug - long-term history comparisons, Always On, etc.

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