Community Moderators

As our Community continues to grow, so too does the load of managing it. With this in mind, I’ve made the decision to bring on four Community moderators to assist in management duties. You’ll probably recognize their names: @kevin1, @oshawapilot, @MachoDrone, and @frankwin.hooglander.

Time and time again, these four members have proven themselves to be fantastic assets to the Sense Community and I’m very excited to work with them in this capacity. In addition to moderation duties, they’ll provide a user voice to decisions around Community organization. Sense, as a product, is community-driven; user data drives us forward. Sense, as an online community, should be the same way and this moderation team will get us there, giving our users a voice in what their community looks like.

This is a positive change and I cannot wait to see what comes out of it.

Nothing changes in your day-to-day forum experience, other than things running more efficiently in the background. Moderators will be marked by a shield icon and “Community Moderator” label next to their name. Any major organizational changes will be announced in this Meta category. If you have any questions/concerns about moderation duties, please don’t hesitate to PM me.


Thanks for the welcome @RyanAtSense - Glad to be onboard, and I’m looking forward to continuing to help the Sense community moving forward!


Congratulations! Great choices!


I’m with @oshawapilot. Thanks for the welcome @RyanAtSense and I’m also looking forward to continuing to help the Sense community moving forward.