Brief Announcement

Hi everyone -

Tomorrow will be my last day at Sense and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support, feedback and engagement here in the Community over the past two years. I’m really excited for the future of Sense!

The team here will be hiring a new Community Manager in the coming weeks and we’re hoping to fill the position as quickly as we can (if you know a good candidate, they can apply here.) In the interim, the moderators here will be able to assist you with questions. A reminder that you can also visit with questions, or reach out to our Support team if you have any product issues here:


Best of luck on your future journey!

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Good luck, Justin! I think you did a great job here on the forum :slight_smile:


Thank you and good luck, Justin. :slight_smile:

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Best of luck sir

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You’ve been such a great help to everyone here & sad to see you go. Best of luck & wishes to where ever your next adventure takes you.

Good luck on your next gig ! You’re still a Sense user, right ? keep in touch on the community…
ps: You did do great job here.

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Best wishes on your future endeavors!!!

Thank you for your support, Justin!

Congrats and best wishes!

Justin, see pic. Good luck with your future. I hope Sense can fill the big shoes you left.

@chrisspy , very kind and funny. Have you met the new community manager, @JuliaAtSense ?

not yet; been off adulting…shutting off gas meter & whatnot.
Is she a bot or a person? Pronouns? Amatuer-nouns?
I’m just trying to be funny.

Real new person ! While you were adulting, @RyanAtSense moved next door into Sense Marketing, then Justin came on for a while, but onto new things. I’m happy that we recently got (she) @JuliaAtSense in the saddle.

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Definitely real :slight_smile: @chrisspy, happy to meet you! I’ll be here for all your questions & needs relating to Sense moving forward.

Nice to meet you too. After this weekend, I’d like to remove the clamps monitoring solar & use them on a 40A 240V heat pump. If you want to help me understand the consequences, please message me.

@chrisspy Our Support team will be able to help you best here. You can reach out to them directly via