Introducing Our New Community Manager, Ryan

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to quickly introduce our new community manager, Ryan LaLiberty (@RyanAtSense), who will be taking things over here in the forum and ensuring your voices are well represented here in the office. He’s a great guy with an impressive technological background, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him here!

I’ll still be kicking around in the forum and Sense Energy Users, as will @RayshawnAtSense, so between the three of us, hopefully we can help find you answers to questions and concerns.

Thanks very much for your patience as we’ve navigated the transition over the past couple of months.

Happy Sensing!

Thanks for the intro @BradAtSense. Really pumped to be here! Looking forward to immersing myself in the community here and helping you guys out however I can. I’m an audio/video guy by background (so if you ever want to talk synthesizers and experimental cinema…), but have been getting pretty heavily into smart home/home automation tech recently. I won’t go too much into myself, since this place is about all of you, but I can’t wait to dig in deeper! As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions/concerns/critical acclaim/frustration.


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Welcome @RyanAtSense - glad to see Sense growing.


Welcome @RyanAtSense, glad to have you here managing the community.

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Welcome and enthusiasm appreciated. Ben was really responsive, so while you might have big shoes to fill, at least they’ll be yours! I’ll also pass on the AV conversation.

I’ve been using Sense for 1.5 years. A little feedback. I have a handful of unknown devices with some only partial detection and some of the obvious ones like TV and computer never detected. Others have asked to flag devices when we know they go on. That might help Sense develop the appropriate algorithms for detection.

Welcome, @RyanAtSense. Nice to see you here as well as from Reddit.

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