A sad but positive departure

Hey all,

In a couple weeks I’ll be leaving my post here as the Community Manager and moving to the Product team. I’ll still be around here pretty frequently, as both a regular ol’ Sense user and to let you all know about new releases and betas. I’ll let everyone know who the new Community Manager is soon, so you can inundate them with your love, appreciation, and feature requests right away. :grin:

Working with all of you has truly been a pleasure. I’ve been active in a lot of product-based communities, and this one really has taken the cake in terms of passion and the willingness to help your fellow members learn. I truly believe that my time here will only serve to help me on the Product team: You’ve helped me to understand the product from multiple perspectives — from the “I’ve tried every wattage monitor made and I hold a PhD in EE and CompSci” users, all the way to the “What’s a watt??” crowd. I’ve seen both the pain points and the joys native to these positions and a variety of those in between. I very much look forward to bringing this internalized knowledge to the Product role.

Lastly, I just want to say a huge, HUGE thank you to our volunteer moderators: @kevin1, @frankwin.hooglander, @MachoDrone, and @oshawapilot. You keep this ship afloat.

This is a fantastic place, so keep on being great!

PS: My wife may also blame all of you for the exponential growth in my IoT and smart home interests. I started here with a couple Hue bulbs and Sense. Now I have a home server and a fancy Unifi setup, at (last I checked) some 30ish connected IoT clients, with more to come soon. And don’t even get me started on the hours spent re-kindling that Python flame, and probably R soon :cold_sweat:


Thank you Ryan for all the time you’ve invested in this board, and all the comments and responses. I wish you well as you transition roles.

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Great to have someone who hung out with this customer crowd, go over the Product side. Have a great Thanksgiving and a smooth move. I know you’ll keep Sense moving in the right directions ! Good Luck.

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Glad you’re staying with the Sense team! Thanks for your support over the years.

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Thanks, guys!

Thanks for all of your work Ryan! Best of luck in your new role!

@RyanAtSense you will be missed terribly and know that the upcoming Community Manager is facing a high-bar!

@kevin1 is extremely knowledgeable and seems a likely follow-on candidate… Continued success in the Product space!