New User Experience


I have had my Sense installed for about 2 weeks now and just figured out there was this community page to share experiences and ask questions. I was hopeful yet skeptical when I ordered my Sense because what this thing does sounds hard to do. I have 10 devices discovered so far and things can be hit and miss. This definitely has not impacted my excitement level for the product.
I have read some of the negatives and complaints and while I agree this isn’t super refined I can definitely see that as it matures it is going to be a game changer.
The fact that the community page is here inviting the criticism makes me even more confident in the long term success and motivation of the company itself. Weeding through the vocal minority and gathering the actionable data can be tough but keeping the customers engaged and informed is huge.
Keep developing and making the product great. If I can contribute beyond just being a user I am all in.

Thank again.


Hi Kyle,
Welcome to the Community. Sense is obviously in the very early stages of a new technology.
But remember -

“The journey, Not the destination matters…”

-T.S. Eliot


Hi Kyle, thanks so much for joining the community.

Our Community Manager, @BenAtSense, is out this week, but I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the group. We’re eager for your feedback, and grateful for your engagement over here. There are some very exciting updates coming out over the next few months, many of them based on the feature requests and input gathered here in the forum, so keep the conversation going, and encourage your friends to check out Sense and join the conversation here as well.

Thanks again, and happy Sensing!


Thanks for the welcome.
Thanks for the welcome. I am excited to see what is coming down the road.