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My wish is instead of creating anything new that what’s already in place gets ALL the bugs worked out. I think sense is compounding problems by having something that isn’t working correctly and instead of resolving those problems, something new comes out.
When you stack this new feature on top of something your making it harder to work the bugs out. It’s like a project that isn’t quite finished and another is started on top of it.
I’ve got too many reports in and questions without answers.
Attached screenshot of my inbox with a fraction of the emails with promises from sense.


well… I am not sure how this will help… your profile says you joined 2 days ago… if you have recently installed Sense, you just leave it to do its job for about a month… I’ve had mine, entering 3rd month, and I’ve only got 5~6 devices… I had a month of data piled up and I made a change to my systems that caused me to reset my data and start all over again… I’m approaching the point I was at before and things are smoother this time around… but patients is key…

if your unit has:

  1. gotten latest firmware
  2. completed system check 100%
  3. completed solar calibration (if you have PV)

then its doing exactly what its intended to do… mine had to have support “force” each of these steps and turned out to be a mess… then I changed my cable positions for a better install, and didn’t get everything back the way it was… corrupted my data and had to start over… this time around, everything worked without “forcing” and has been much more stable and better/faster than before… I feel better about it…

hope this helps you…


I’m sorry your detection is so terrible. I’ve had it installed 9 days and have 16 detections so far. I get a detection then nothing for a few days then 3 at once. It’s been in spurts and I do have a theory as to why mine is going so well.
I posted elsewhere but I’ll say it again. When we installed it my wife and I would go turn things off to save energy. I said, WAIT, let’s just go like it’s not there andkeeo going as usual. So now we are just living like we always have before sense and waiting for detections. I feel like that has helped because it learns your schedule like dishes or laundry or cooking done at the same times each day. I could be completely wrong but with the detections I’m getting, I’m not making changes just yet.
I should also add that in those 9 days after install we have had no internet for probably close to 4 days. I did have it WiFi to my phone for a couple so it’s orobodetected everything with 6 to 7 days of data. I can’t complain about detection. Just tough to properly identify what it is.n


ok, that all makes sense… mine is complicated… 4 TVs, 6 PCs, tablets, phones, nite lights… I have family of 5 in home, normal household appliances, but my network has 50~70 devices depending on time of day… I may be a bit more techie than the average, but it all works… I not disappointed or jealous in the least… every house is different… and as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, who’s to say that half of the Sense customers have my same make/model frig or whatever device to compare to…

heck, I spent my first few weeks just reading through the forum, searching different things here… didn’t even contact support until I was nearly a month in… but I have a unique understanding of how this works so its doing its thing…


I contact support without hesitation and often. They don’t reply except for a canned email where they promise to. I’m sure on their end they have the control to help any individual along with device detection or overriding certain things. Maybe it’s a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease and they are helping me along. I also have a complex home with many devices. Normal appliances but Alexa, echos, wireless plugs and lights Samsung smart things a security system and I have a total of 6 WiFi networks. Above average on electronics.
Who knows?


what sort of issues are you having?


I’m not following what you’re asking for but I am noticing a pattern with your postings. You had mentioned that you had performed hours of research on Sense before your purchase but in thread after thread you post up unrealistic expectations of the product and are very harsh towards to Sense team and the product itself. You’ve had Sense for 9 days and already have 16 detections. It takes time for Sense’s algorithms to detect devices correctly and you’re already off to a great start. I don’t understand why you’ve been ranting on multiple threads about how poor your experience is and how sense needs to change this feature or that feature about their product. Sense does a great job of taking forum feedback and incorporating it into their product as well as helping users along. Beyond that this community is very helpful and people do a great job looking out for each other. Maybe rather than opening up ticket after ticket you work through them one at a time and give Sense some time to provide you and other users support. I’m sorry if this comes off as harsh but over the last 2 days you’ve been non-stop on here with complaints.


Go back and read about what I was upset about. Nowhere in the documentation is internet and especially continuous internet mentioned. It does specify WiFi in all descriptions and tech specs “WiFi” and view from the app. I fully expected the need for internet for the in depth calculations to be made but fully expected to only need WiFi to view the timeline current use. WiFi is not internet, period.
Then I was ranting about tech support not responding and especially making three phone appointments with me that they scheduled but didn’t not show up for any of them.
I haven’t once complained about the device itself and have not only that, I’ve praised it even have tried to get my electric cooperative to help our 25,000 customers get one through their financing program (that comment is in a post)
I’ve said several time how happy I am and how fortunate I am to have it working this well in a short amount of time.
My only complaints were those two.
Inaccurate product description and tech specs

Poor response from tech support
Your correct about me posting several times about it but that’s how things get done sometimes. I have a strong personality that unfortunately can run some people the wrong way. I will again apologize if that’s the cas here. There is nothing personal about it and I have nothing bad to say or any I’ll feelings toward any individual. We are open here to express our experiences and such. I respect whatever anyone has to say even if I don’t agree.
I don’t agree with you about your statements concerning my posts but I respect what you have to say, I’ve read it in full and addressed it with an apology. I would hope I would get he same respect in return. If someone doesn’t like me complaining then why would they then do the same but on a personal level and complain to me, about me?

Ryan, the community administrator has been a tremendous amount of help and handled many
Tech support related issues that isn’t even his job.

I ask for you to go back and read again. I apologize if my feelings about the issues I have being taken diffibecause I’ve improperly or poorly communicated them. I do think you’ll see by posting my results that it praising the sense monitor itself.


16 devices in 9 days - you’re doing really well! Congratulations and I hope that it continues to progress like this for you. I’m 26 devices in a year. One 120 volt side of my dryer is detected and when the dryer appears a similar increase appears in “other” for the second 120 volt side. I have an upright freezer that has not yet been detected. Other than that I’m doing pretty well.


I’m going to go ahead and close this thread as I think all of the points are being addressed in other threads and it’s not quite a feature request.

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