Stalled Detection

My Sense seems to have stalled in the detection department lately. I’ve owned my device for approximately 8 months now and it’s detected 22 devices, several of which are several heating cycles in one device. In the next up section of detection, it’s been on the same three items for a few months now.
There are a few other things that have been occurring, but I’m. It sure they’re related.
The first is my AC. I have two identical systems. One operates the first floor & the other takes care of the second. It appears that one is cancelling out the other. What I mean by this is if one AC is running, Sense picks it up. If both run, It doesnt show either AC running at all. And even more peculiar, Lately I’m getting reports of the AC running for 19 seconds, 8 second, etc…
I have smart stats on both systems, So I know exactly when they run already and it doesn’t quite coincide with what my device is picking up.

So I guess my question is, Has anyone had this issue?
If so, is there a resolve or work around?
As far as the stalled detection; Is it recommended to reset the device? Or is there another option.
I’m really looking forward to being able to label things ourselves. I have a third AC for my sunroom that has yet to be detected. There are many devices that are normally easily detected, but my device appears to be having an issue with this.
Any advice is helpful.
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not going to be of use, but was curious about the ‘next up section’ you speak of. I’ve seen other reference it and have seen some screenshots of it, but it’s not something I have in my (android) app.

Is that something that is in iOS only or just… some people see it and others don’t? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@llamabox, you can see it if you go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Sense Monitor’ and then scroll to the bottom.

It is definitely a section we know can be a little confusing especially when things appear to stall. We don’t recommend resetting your monitor in that case though. Sometimes it means your monitor thinks it has identified something but can’t confirm the device. That doesn’t mean it won’t discover other devices though.

In terms of that AC issue that you mentioned @vrai.kenny, I’d reach out to about it so they can take a closer look.

@BenAtSense unfortunately, nada for me:

I believe it only shows up when there is something that is actually “up next”. Otherwise you just see the Status and Devices Found. Right now under iOS I don’t see it but I did have it at one time in the past when it was learning my AC.

Just to provide further evidence of stalled device learning - this has been a consistent finding for me when I open the Sense Monitor page, for at least three months now:

What’s odd is that I think it pretty well has my coffee maker figured out (though it’s divided 90/10 among two different devices), my water heater is ID’d OK (often ID’s only one leg of the power), and Sense has a very good handle on my microwave.

Everything has been at the level pictured for about three months now; no new devices in about 2 months. Posting for posterity so we can compare in another three months :wink:

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Was going to ask this same question. My sense also seems stalled for last several months. Showing no changes in the “currently learning” area for months now. My AC compressor is a new thing that’s been cycling many times a day for 2 months now, you’d think it would figure this out by now?

What’s worse sense seems to have forgotten or become inconsistent with some devices that used to work well. My sump pump and Dryer in particular.

I feel the need to reset everything and start over. Suggestions before I do?

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Last time I was complicit in a factory reset, things didn’t go so well:

I’ve not yet tried the “reset data” option, but I imagine it simply wipes your data and all of your learned devices. I have contemplated that option, but so far I’ve only deleted devices (a poorly recognized water heater and heat pump). Mixed results there: the water heater was recognized again in a few days, though still has errors (and is still being “learned”), the heat pump was recognized again in a week or two, and I went from having two legs of the heat pump identified separately, and only 90% of the time, to both legs being identified as one device probably 95%+ of the time. No change in one case, improvement in the other.

I suppose I’ll give things another month or two before trying to reset my data…

My apologies, I should have been more through in my description. It’s the "Currently Learning & "Up Next under Device Detection. It’s definitely stalled and hasn’t changed in several months. The peculiar thing is, it’s currently learning my Dryer, but my Dryer has been
Labeled for several months now. Im a little bummed at the number of items it’s figured out so far. It still hasn’t learned simple items such as Lights, Washer, Garage Door, Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans etc…
Here’s a snapshot of what my unit has shown for several months now.

I’m having the exact same problem at 22 devices, the device detection has literally stopped. Ive opened several tickets on the issue. Under settings, its stuck on two devices. I also noticed when I had my electrical panel for a separate issue, the sense device runs very warm. (99 degrees)

Is it possible the device doesn’t have enough resources? CPU/Memory?

Nah, everything is happening in the cloud. Sense is just a monitor with wifi, all the heavy lifting happens elsewhere.

And mine probably runs warm, too, some days close to 120! :wink:

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I want to reiterate that we don’t recommend resetting your monitor unless there’s a major issue or change in your hardware set up. While the ‘Currently Learning/Up Next’ section may be discouraging if you don’t see changes there, Sense’s device detection processes are still running and have not stopped. If you’re concerned that something may be preventing those devices from being detected and are thinking about a reset, please reach out to, so they can take a closer look.

Sense support confirmed the status screen has a slight bug and isn’t updating properly and should be fixed in a future release. AND I got a new device detected today. I’m so proud!

Ive enjoyed the service overall and like participating….


One clarification, its the "Currently Learning” screen under settings….

That explains some things, and would certainly be the cause of many user frustrations that I’ve read about. I guess I would be somewhat less frustrated to have nothing pending than to have half a dozen devices stuck in learning stages for months. I’d be much less likely to wipe data, too :slight_smile:

that’s normal and what most people experience, the only way I have ever found it to get to detect more devices is to email support and stay on top of them and then suddenly magically it will start detecting devices again. Of course they claim they don’t do anything on there in either way I guess you lose the battle but win the war so to speak.

Otherwise your hands are tied and you literally have zero choices of what you can do to effect a difference

no way you mean they finally admitted this was a bug after months of emailing them bagging threatening crying asking them to take a look at this they finally admit it’s a bug holy cow I think h3ll just froze over!

Here it is!!

Yep, same problem here. Wrote tech support until I was blue in the face, there answer? "The device is functioning as designed, funny to see now they have finally admitted its a bug.

Yea, good lord whatever you do, don’t wipe the data. If you do throw it in the trash a buy a new one.