Stalled Detection


Ben, in all due respect we have done that, support simply blows us off and tells us the device is working as designed. So is the design to get stuck detecting devices after a dozen or so?


Hi @rmason,

I can assure you that Sense does automatically detect devices without emailing support. I’m sorry that you’ve been frustrated with device detection. I would also like to reiterate that our data reset functionality works and rarely are there issues.

Randall, we are working hard to improve device detection and adding functionality. If you are not satisfied with your Sense experience, we do have a full refund return policy.


I had a couple of devices stuck in Learning for about 2 months. After I submitted a Problem Report they were removed after a couple of days.


Past the return policy, plus someone needs to remain a voice for those that are fearful to speak up.



Hi Randall,

If you’d like to return your monitor, reach out to We take our customer’s concerns and satisfaction seriously.


Great, then address the issues we post in the forum and quit keeping us in the dark. We don’t’ mind being Beta testers but to push us away and not take us serious is a product killer for you. The same people that are beta testers here for you here are active users on many forums, the last thing you need to do is piss them off or ignore them. Remember they have nothing to lose, you have everything to lose.



Hi Randall,

We’ve been working on improving our communication with our customers as many long time customers can attest. We take our customers suggestions and concerns seriously. Many of the newest features in fact started as suggestions from customers.


Mine too is stuck on 22 devices. “Currently Learning” the Dishwasher and Dryer. “Up Next” is the dreaded “Possible Water heater”. I can’t recall the last time it found something. Mind you, I’m not complaining, I just find it odd that it hasn’t picked up on more devices.

BenAtSense - I’m get the feeling that Randall’s issue isn’t the device, or the frequency of Sense’s responses. The problem seems to the the response “The device is operating normally”. I think most people that buy a 300$ device to see what is on in their house probably have a different mindset. I understand that you all have some “secret sauce” that analyzes the signals. Got it. But, maybe try us on with a tad bit of a technical answer as to what “normal” is and why there seems to be a cap at the number of devices it finds.


Is 22 the magic number? I’ve had Sense for almost 2 years and it’s stuck on 22 devices too. And it’s yet to discover my refrigerator, which is probably the device that runs most in my household. I’ve complained to Support several times, but they haven’t done anything to help identify it.


I installed my Sense in January and have been stuck at 32 devices for several months. Sense is Currently Learning three “Unnamed motors” (I gave up trying to identify these). Up Next is a “Possible Dishwasher”. The dishwasher has been up next since March and I’d be happy to show both of them to Mr Sense.


@cwasko, there’s no cap or ‘stalling’ per se. Some of it is a reflection that detection of some devices is much better than others. We’re working on improving existing detection algorithms using existing and new sources of data (like Network Device Identification), and developing new algorithms to detect more devices.

There are also likely other devices in your home that Sense will be able to detect with the current algorithms, but because Sense needs to see devices run a number of times, devices used less frequently take more time.


Been stuck on 18 forever. I would say 6 of them are reliable. Most of the others are “unknown something” and rarely come on


This is interesting I must say. I opened a ticket to address a duplicate device regarding our oven and washing machine. When I deleted the devices so they could be re-learned, within 1 day I had a new device detected. This is the second time this has occurred where when I delete an item, its finds a new item.

Guys it seems like there are issues with device detection. I had 22 items for 3 months and now that I deleted one or two, new devices are now appearing…what more proof do you need?

How can I help? I think the frustration is, if we didnt pay $300, everyone probably would not be as frustrated with what sometimes appears a lack of openness with the products issues.



I don’t know if it’s a lack of openness or disbelief, but there certainly is a glitch of some sort that is affecting some users.

Come to think of it, I deleted my poorly recognized water heater last week and not long after a new device was discovered (possibly related to my dishwasher…)


I deleted my unknown items (not on for weeks) and nothing has been added since. I feel that I’ve stalled the device detection by deleting the devices.


Hi Roy,

When you delete a device, Sense has the opportunity to relearn that device (and generally does if it is still in your home). In the case of your oven, it appears that your oven was relearned shortly after it was deleted (expected behavior for a device still in your home). In some rarer cases, deleting a device could clear up a conflict with a device with a similar signature and cause the other device to be learned.

I’m not sure what you’re referring with regards to ‘lack of openness’ but we speak openly about Sense being a learning and evolving product. I’m sorry if you’ve felt that we’ve been opaque about issues. We know that device detection has plenty of room for improvement and we’re working hard to expand detection and increase detection accuracy.


Hi Ben,

Sorry about that being implied, I just didn’t realize you guys has acknowledged the issue and were addressing it.

Thank you for the explanation! Are there any dates when the "currently learning device " screen will be fixed? That would be a big help!


No worries. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific timeline at this point. But it is something the team is looking to tackle in the near future.

The good news is that the ‘Currently Learning’ stalling issue does not mean that device detection has stopped, and our data science team is always working to develop new algorithms to expand device detection.


Feel really really fortunate. My Sense (we call it our “non-Sense”) has been in since Feb and has detected a whopping 8 devices, out of the 53 running in our home.



My experience with Sense has been the same. 8 months in, 20 ish devices detected, stalled detection, and known AC devices intermittently detecting only for the first few seconds.