Stalled Detection


I installed in March. The Sense detected 16 devices over time and then stalled at that number for a month or a little more. Then suddenly in the past week it identified 3 more devices, one a shop air compressor, another a shop dust collector, and a third device which I have not been able to figure out yet what it is because it’s not on for long, an average of 15 seconds per the Sense. I have no idea if the most recent devices showed up because the algorythms were recently added to the base or because enough on/off cycles took place to detect them, but why doesn’t really matter to me.

Be patient. It’s still an amazing bit of technology, even if it doesn’t move as fast as we would like.


I think what people want are technical answer, not a generic “working as normal”, what is normal??? Stall at X devices until new algorithms are developed? Detect X devices out of Y available in the database, etc…