Where do I add TPlink Smart Plugs?

I just purchased and installed Sense and I don’t see anywhere to add the smart plug integration. Is this because I am still in the 1-2 day “calibration” stage? Thanks!

Until you get past the initial calibration stage you won’t be able to do much at all unfortunately - patience, young grasshopper. :slight_smile:

You can go ahead and set the HS110’s up now including adding them in the Kasa app. As soon as your Sense is finished it’s calibration stage and comes “online” normally it should then detect the HS110’s in short order and add them to your devices list.

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Great thanks! Already have them in Kasa. I figured…I’m just too excited I guess.


This is good advice but also extremely difficult to follow.
Here is a couple good links for newcomers

There actually are two step you have to take for the TP Links to work with your Sense. Aside from setting them up in the Kasa App, you have to enable the integration in the Sense App
See this help article, but in short, go to Settings / My Home / Connected Devices to set it up.
It is not listed in there official instructions, but if you enable the TP Link and don’t see your plugs after some time, turn on “Network Listening”. Back when Smart Plug support was first added, you had to have Network Listening turned on. They may have changed that to not be true now.

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First, welcome to Sense and the Sense Community!

The posts from @oshawapilot and @ben are spot on. After Sense goes through its signal check process, you’ll be able to get them set up.

Up and running now. Thanks guys!


I just purchased two of the TP HS110 smart plugs. What are some of your recommendations on how to use them to better understand my energy consumption?

My 2c,

Put them on devices or outlet strips of devices that:

  • Have significant power draw
  • Are unlikely to be found by Sense in the medium term (electronics, AV systems, appliances with complex power usage like washing machines)

Don’t plan on moving them around between devices. Or if you do, buy and extra and use it as a “traveller” to investigate the remaining undetected devices in your house. There’s long term value in keeping a fixed device or set of devices (outlet strip) on a smartplug - long-term history comparisons, Always On, etc.

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Hi Kevin
I am a new user looking to add a Smartswitch KASA TP Link 110 (Similar) to be able to monitor a UV disinfectant light I have on our water filtration system. What I would really like is if it is possible to be notified when the wattage drops to 0 i.e. Bulb is blown, and automatically shut off our water mains to prevent contaminates from entering the system without disinfection. I have a Samsung Smartthings controller already installed with the shutoff valve and some Samsumg leak detectors already. Just wondering how I could integrate the lot to perform this task. i.e. I would need an active app to scan , and send a signal based on the current wattage use. I have seen some uses on Samsung smartings talk about this capability but requires programming.

I give you what I know by there are plenty of other users in the community that are more familiar with home automation ins and outs than me.

If you are planning to use Sense to help with the automation:

  • Make sure the TP Kasa SMART PLUG you use for the UV bulb is either the HS110 or HS300 - those are the only two that integrate with Sense. Most smart switches, etc. do not monitor current and won’t work for your “bulb outage detection” application.
  • The only way to do automation with Sense and without extensive programming is using IFFFT.

Take a look at the existing automations for Sense and see if there is one nearly applicable. And look for IFFFT in the Sense Community.

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As @kevin1 points out, the only straightforward way to do what you want, easily, I think, would be using IFTTT and an HS110. A word of caution though: the latency (delay) with IFTTT is such that you couldn’t rely on it working immediately.

I’ve had success using the colored Hues + IFTTT + Sense as a “your fridge is unpowered” notifier. An in-your-face RED Hue light is triggered if the fridge is off for more than a set time.

@ixu , @kevin1 Thanks guys. Yes, I have many applications using IFTTT and others. The HS110 (End of Life) from my research has a better networking reporting logarithm to sense than the WEMO,and was part of a possible plan going forward. It also has the capability to remember its state after a power failure, where in the case of UV disinfection is paramount to ensuring an on state after a power failure. My hope was that the 55 watts of power drain would be sufficient for Sense to pick up on, with a unique signature, (without a specific switch) and report on for me. I have also complicated my own requirements as I only run the UV disinfectant light for 16 hours as day (and it is shut off at night) to reduce the likelihood of excessive heat generated due to lack of use during those hours. So I would need to monitor and be notified of “No use” for greater than an 8 hour period or ideally to only monitor its state during a specific set of hours daily…Will research a little more to see what my options are…

Two things:

  • First off, it’s HS110s, not HS100s. HS100s do NOT have power monitoring and hence are not integrated with Sense. I sometimes see Sense users buying these because they are cheaper than the HS110s, but expressing disappointment later when they don’t integrate.

  • I haven’t played much with IFFFT, but there are others here who have and can give you more guidance.

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Yup. Typo on my part, meant HS110, but also see it is listed as an end of life product by Kasa.The Belkin WEMO (with power monitoring) is also an option, but according to another post, its power “networking” communications protocol is not as efficient as the KASA HS110, and as such also makes it a less desirable product.

The HS110 also had another feature critical for me, in that it automatically resumes the last power on state even when a power failure occurs. Critical for a Water disinfection system.

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