New Members/Old Members: Introduce yourself!

This thread should’ve been created a long time ago.

What brought you here? How long have you been using Sense? What do you do for work? What other smart home tech do you have? What’s your favorite type of barbecue?

Do you post on Reddit? Have a Twitter handle?

Introduce yourself!

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I’ll start.

I work here and I’ve been using Sense since March 2018 :grin:

I have a bunch of Hue bulbs, an August smart lock, a few Echoes, a couple Elgato Eve smart plugs, an Elgato Eve temp/humidity monitor, and a Blink camera.

I really like that weird Alabama white sauce barbecue, but since that’s hard to find if not in AL, then give me a dry rub all day. :pig2:

I’m rlaliberty on Reddit and you can mainly find me posting from the @Sense twitter handle.



I am the Chief Engineer at Gila River Arena - home of the NHL Arizona Coyotes. I installed my sense unit last Thursday and am very impressed with the results to date. My home is an energy pig with a current always on of about 575 Watts - most of which I am sure is my media server farm. Looking forward to switching on my solar input once I have permission to operate.


I’m Chris, and my work roles have been CEO/CFO type roles primarily in the insurance industry, although I’m with a flooring contractor right now. I’m currently in Oklahoma, although I’ve also lived in Louisiana, Nebraska and North Carolina.

I’ve got 150+ hue bulbs, and I’ve also replaced all light switches with Hue. Two Nest thermostats. 7 Nest cameras and doorbell. I’ve got the Nest security system and door locks on order. My next smart home upgrade will be with some outlets…but I’m still researching that one. Love my Sense. I’ve got about 20 devices discovered so far, although some are short lived. Can’t wait for more integrations.

I don’t do Reddit…but you can find lots of puppy pictures and vacation pictures on Facebook. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Sense!


Thanks for kicking things off @dwleckie and @cpachris1969, and welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you around!

Hey everyone, been using Sense since January 2018 - I’m an energy nerd and I get to do this for my day job too! I have an ecobee thermostat and way too many (7) remote temperature sensors. I’ve been adding out some smart plugs over the last few months to replace those old plug-timers.

And barbecue? It’s not right unless it’s soaked in vinegar, Eastern Carolina style. You can find me at “Gibides” in most every social media arena.

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Oh I can totally back vinegary bbq :heart_eyes:

Good Day, I currently have 3 sense units installed.
The first one is on my house in Costa Rica. I have a 4.5 kWh solar system with micro-inverters.
I am pleased with the first month of device detection and the solar information I can get. Power is expensive.
Second house is also in CR. It is a rental unit and we charge for power consumption so the ability to read remotely is great. Also I can inform renters if they are over the allotment as their stay progresses.
Third is residence in central Kentucky and detection has been delayed as I have not completely figured out how to have 2 Sense monitors on one single iPhone. I have a second iPhone for CR so the second monitor was not a problem.
I continue to install smart plugs and Alexa.

BBQ, Pellet Smoker with a home made rub (a bit spicy) after brine rub for 24 hours.
Saturday I am doing a prime rib or 8 pounds. More on that later.


Really awesome use cases, especially for the vacation rental.

Have you used the Alexa integration at all?

And I smoked a nice brisket and pork butt during my vacation last week. It was heavenly :grin:. Except my family got impatient (I was a bit lazy and started it late) and made me pull them out at around 185, so they weren’t perfect. :expressionless:

I do use Alexa integration and am adding devices regularly.

Hello everyone! My name is Kerry and I installed Sense on Sunday. I’m a bit OCD and I’m consumed by this thing right now. Six devices discovered so far: 2x AC, Water Heater, Dryer (I believe), a motor and another very low use heat device. Going to drive my wife crazy as she is a stay at home Mom and I text her constantly asking her if she is doing laundry or has she taken a shower recently, lol. We have an all electric house and my main purpose for purchasing was to get control of our $325/mo electric bill (budget billed). I recently swapped every bulb in the house to LED and installed 2x Ecobee 4’s with a total of 6 remote sensors.


Wow. That is a lot of devices in a short period of time. Very cool!


I Switched my 3 thermos to Nest. Went with the Nest Protects too. Replacing my can bulbs with LEDs. Hitting the ones we use most. Sense is allowing me to be more aware of my bad habits with leaving lights on. Helps me to be more deliberate with turning things off. Like to hear what you get your bill down to.


I am an IT Manager @ a Behavioral Health company prior to that I was an Electronics Tech. for a major oil company.

I have a Vivint alarm system (DO NOT RECOMMEND), zwave door lock, zwave out side lights, My Q garage door, almost everything is Alexa integrated.

I like any Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauces, always like trying new flavors.

@CDL98 on twitter and MoonDogg98 on reddit. I own (just changed hosting nothing there right now)

I’ve had sense for almost a month and it has discovered 10 devices, I am loving it so far.


I am a Data Engineer working at a startup in the Bay Area. I just got my sense delivered and installed yesterday so I’m waiting for it to start figuring stuff out! Our house was built in the mid 70s and is horribly inefficient so the sense is a fun way to track my “progress” as I move towards 100% electrification and better efficiency. Just had solar installed (waiting for permission to operate) but likely won’t use sense to track that as our setup is a little weird with 3 sub panels and battery backup. Other home tech includes some echo dots, various hue bulbs, sensor push devices, a smattering of lutron controllers/outlets/switches, washer, dryer(heat pump), heat pump water heater (though not currently connected, still debating on if I feel like setting it up) and (soon to come!) replacing our ancient central HVAC with 6-zone ducted/ductless system all with smart thermostats! Not a huge fan of barbecue, but hey, more for everyone else!


Hi! My name is Ken Hughes. My wife and I are recently retired and building our (small!) dream home on an island in the Pacific Northwest. We connected our sense unit when our internet connection was made in June. Getting to learn/play as we add things to the house. Started with a small refrigerator and now have heat pump, water heater (hybrid heat pump), and 5 zone slab heating system installed. All are internet connected for remote management when we are off the island. Imagine, turning things back on in the ferry line prior to boarding and walking in to a nice warm place a couple hours later! Looking forward to winter when we can see details about what the heating systems are doing. About to install appliances. So far, Sense has far exceeded my expectations in terms of the data provided. I’m amazed and intrigued as to what’s to come! Our BBQ sits outside the deck door off the kitchen for year around use - rain or shine! No favorites here - just needs to be BBQ. Pizza is one of our recent experiences! Yum!

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Hey all. Aaron here. I’m a Network Engineer living in Arizona but working nation wide at times depending on the contract. I first purchased Sense approx February of this year as part of an effort to break my total house electric usage down to top users ultimately reducing my electric bill. My house is a 3000 sq foot all electric house with a pool so monthly bills in excess of $500 would happen in the hottest parts of the year. By changing almost all of my lights to LED, deploying smart outlets, motion sensors, timers, and schedules as well as Nest thermostats, I’ve been able to reduce my electric bill on average by about $80 a month. BBQ? Yes Please!


My name is Jason and I own a Network consulting firm in Central PA. Glad to see some other IT folks out here! I started Sense in late June and I am liking the results. I am a fan of IT gadgets and finding/solving problems. I coach Volleyball as well! I am in the over-analyzing/design phase of my solar project which also includes building a garage to put my solar on…yes, very early steps. 3000 sf house that we just built 2 years ago and we tried to incorporate some efficiency ideas when we designed it…just tweaking where I can to lower energy costs and still maintain a livable house to 2 teens.


:wave::beers: to all the newcomers! We have quite the eclectic group here it seems.