Question about smart plugs


I am wondering if I put a smart plug in a room where I have a different Wi-Fi network that Sense is using, will it detect it? We have an extender but it broadcasts with a different SSID in a certain room where the main network will not reach. Sense is on the main network, so I just wondered if it would be able to see a TPLink plug on the other network?



is the extender just that - an extender that is using a different SSID? Or is it another router or something else that is offering up its own DHCP serves and IP scope.
You mention “main network” but to you really just mean the “main” SSID?

A quick test would be to connect a device (phone) to the SSID that Sense is connected to and look at your IP address. Then connect to your extended network. Did the IP address change? If not, you are probably good to go.
If you get a different IP address on the other network, that could pose problems. if you let me know what type of extender you are using, I can probably take a stab at what settings may need to be adjusted (if any).


It’s a router set up as extender only and gets IP from the same DHCP as the other network. I’ll just test by hooking up a plug and see if it gets detected.



I think Sense and Kasa (TP-Link app) rely on broadcasts within the same IP subnet for discovery. I’m thinking the SSID can be different, but the IP subnet can’t.


Kevin is right. They need to be on the same subnet.

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