HS105 - Any chance to get Sense to detect these?

I have few HS-105 TP-Link smart plugd and was wondering if there was a way to ‘force’ Sense to recognize them. Granted, these do not have built-in energy monitoring, but, should Sense be able to monitor network traffic (that’s a stretch), then it could be possible to use such devices.

Any thoughts?

Not really…
Sense broadcasts a message that asks all Kasa devices on the WiFi subnet for their emeter (power) data. Only the Kasa smart plugs that have power information respond. Sense would need to change that broadcast message to get different data. Plus Sense would then have to know how to digest that data, which it doesn’t.


Got it, thank you.

A while back, I set aside 4× HS100 to donate to Salvation Army … it seems my 7× HS105 are following suit … darn … since when did electronics became short lived? In the (my) past … most electronics one person buys for life … now, need to upgrade everything routinely, whether it is a phone, camera, smart watch, or a plethora of other electronics.