240V Smart Plug

Make: Belkin
Model: Smart Plug WS100
How identified: Not Identified

Additional Comments:
Power Specs: Belkin Official Support - Meet the Wemo Smart Plug with Thread, WSP100

Operating Wattages:

Detailed View:

Daily View:

Waveform Source. Source of waveform (Device Power Meter or Main Power Meter)

Hi, I would like to know if you plan to support this Smart Plug Device or others Thread compatible?

Thanks in advance.

The Wemo Insight is supported.

But this smart plug, the WS100, doesn’t appear to measure power, unlike all the supported smart plugs.

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Thanks @kevin1 for your answer. Just realized that I not considered that key feature when bought 2 of these devices. Now i would like to bought a TP-link Kasa smartplug like hs300 (but it seems is would be damaged on 220 Volts)… I require that device support 220 Volts (despite is specified for 110 Volts). Do you know if there is any available Sense Smartplug compatible that works on 220 Volts?

Thanks in advance,


TP-Link makes euro (240V) versions of the HS110 an KP115 (Sense compatible products) and those devices use the same basic circuit boards and devices but a different mezzanine board for the different plug types (based on tear downs on the web). I don’t remember a Euro HS300 though.

Theoretically, you should be able to use a HS110 or KP115 with 240V as long as you stay within the Euro/UK specs:

Excellent, i’ll try with one of them. thanks so much for your reply.