Support for TOPGREENER Smart Outlets


Glad to see Sense natively support smart outlets that do energy monitoring such as the TP-Link Kasa HS110, TP-Link Kasa HS300, and Belkin Wemo Insight Plug. I’d also like to see Sense bring that same support to the TOPGREENER Smart Outlets, not to mention other TOPGREENER home automation devices. I can buy a 2pk of the TOPGREENER Smart Outlets on Amazon for only $20 vs $64 for the Wemo Insight 2pk and $70 for Kasa HS110 2pk.


Where do you live ? In the US, you can typically get a pair of HS110s for 24-27$, nowhere near 70$

Update: TP-Link must be in the process of rolling out a new model, because the channel isn’t as rich in HS110’s as it was a few months ago - lots of good deals then, but quite a few “discontinued” now, in places like B&H. Best price seems to be Walmart online at 15.99 a pop, or 32$ for two. For the extra 12$, I would go for something that works today.


Kevin1 - I live in the US and am quoting standard prices found at Amazon. Yes, you can find a pair of Kasa HS103HPs at Amazon for $30 and a 2pk of HS100’s for $27, but those do not provide energy monitoring integration with Sense. You need to specify the real HS110’s and a 2 pk of those go for$70 on Amazon. Thanks for pointing me towards Walmart, which does have the HS110’s for $16ea. My guess is that Walmart bought a bunch and is sitting on inventory. Now they are trying to clear them out as most geeks like me would never think to even check Walmart. I’ll pick up the HS110’s at Walmart, but would still like Sense to partner up with the folks at Top Greener who are putting out some pretty cool tech at great prices and offer connection by WiFi, Z-Wave and ZigBee.


I agree. Would love for Sense to support more smartplugs and in-wall versions as well, as long as the support isn’t a huge excursion from existing support (same sample frequency, accuracy and network traffic, or better). One of the things that has become clear from current smartplugs is that those parameters do matter once you start using a bunch - the HS110 has better loss-of-power behavior than the Wemo plus incurs lower WiFi traffic, which is important for consistent updates.

BTW - I was mainly reacting to the price because all my pairs HS110s were bought for 24$ a set. 70$ was a shocker, hence the country of origin question.

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I don’t speak for Sense, but I suspect there will be a limit on exactly how many different brands of devices they can and will support, probably sticking to the more mainstream brands.

Although the “Topgreener” stuff is interesting and they do seem to have a broad subset of different devices, reality is…I’d never heard of them until you posted this. Brand awareness just isn’t there, hence coming full circle to the mainstream device support - reality is there’s countless smartplug manufacturers ranging from high end systems like Crestron down to no-name stuff from China and I’m not sure it’s realistic to hope that Sense will support them all.

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The website for anyone interested.

Not sure that they measure power. Not very useful unless they do.


If sense supported this device it would be awesome and give us the wall outlet that has energy monitor built in.


Not sure Z-Wave has enough bandwidth to accommodate data flow Sense does with multiple HS110s or Wemos.

I’m guessing the WiFi mode would be better suited for use with Sense. It has energy monitoring.