Using the same TP-Link HS110 plug around the house.... (a thought)

For years, I’ve owned a Sense and it will NOT find my dishwasher. I read on the forums that Sense has an issue finding a dishwasher from time to time and that the solution is to get a HS110 to detect the dishwasher.

Got my HS110 today and success. Now here is my question: let’s say I leave the plug as is for 30 days or so; will Sense continue to see my dishwasher if I remove the smart-plug? Anyone have any experience trying this?

Probably not. Sense doesn’t “learn” from the HS110, it imports data from it. So, if you disconnect, that data will be lost.

Occasionally there are reports that Sense also discovered an HS110 connected devise, in which case the HS110 data disappears but the Sense detection usually continues.

Just the other week, Sense redound my dehumidifier, which it already detected, but I then put behind a KP115. So I remerged the newly found dehumidifier with my smart plug.

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Yeah… Sense isn’t recognizing the dishwasher… It’s recognizing the smartplug…

The fact that you label the smartplug “dishwasher” makes it look like it’s reporting data from the dishwasher, when in fact all it’s doing is passing the data from the smartplug…

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