Can we obtain those 1Mhz sampled waveforms (Current) that Sense Captures?

I would like to be able to observe various signatures that Sense captures at very high rated samples (1 MHz) for my own use (just to see what is going on). I am also curious since I come from electrical engineering background.

FYI: I am not talking about 1 sec interval Power Meter Option here!

Is there a way to obtain such 1MHZ sampled data from Sense App? If NOT then, Is there a feature Sense can develop that can be used to analyses, download, visualize these data at millisecond/nanoseconds scale?

Sense captures it anyways and use it to detect various devices, why not let the user also have the data?
At the end of the day it is Customer’s data, Isn’t it? Sorry Sense I am just making a point here.

I am aware that regular users may not be interested in such features and data, however lot of folks here belong to various technical backgrounds would love to observe such data!

Regardless of likes, and engagement, I think this Option should be made available to the users who wants to observe these data!

Anyone with me here?
Please support and request this to Sense for further possible implementation.

Happy Sensing!

@Manny1314, two thoughts:

  1. That full 4M sample / sec data is never uploaded to the Sense mothership. Otherwise your upload requirements
    4M samples / sec x 16 bits / sample = 64Mb/sec - most home internet cannot achieve that.
    64Mb/sec x 86400 secs / day x 30 days = 165.8Tb per month - I think many ISP limit to 1T per month.
    Read this thread… I suspect Sense collect lots of detailed info around transitions of interest, while only sending 1/2 second resolution data for the “uninteresting” bits, to compress.
    How much Bandwidth does Sense really consume?

  2. I have created a wishlist item for exported data resolution smaller than 1 hour. Feel free to like, or create your own Wishlist item. But I suspect the best possible consistent resolution is 1/2 sec.
    Allow Export at Resolution Smaller than One Hour

If one is brave enough, and electrically inclined, one can devise their own A/D converter to capture such traces, though granted, not at 1 MHz sampling rate. I’m sure there are many contraptions out there based on either the Arduino, or better yet, just the line input of a computer’s sound card. All it takes is a CT to clamp around one of the wires and voila!. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than described, gotta make sure the CT is sized appropriately, that the signal is fed through a low-pass filter to make sure there is no aliasing, … that it is safe for you to open the panel and start playing with wires too. Long shot but … any volunteers?

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Of course I’m only speaking for myself, but very rarely is customer data actually ours. Or just because its ours doesn’t mean that we have to be given access to it. Think of all the data that websites, computers, phones collect, but we have no way of accessing. GDPR and similar laws around the world are working on giving users more access to “our” data, but even then, the format/ granularity seems to vary.

One thing to think about on trying to get this data out - just because it exists in the Sense doesn’t mean its able to be exported. If there is any kind of an ASIC processing this data, then it may not be physically possible to export. Or even if they can tap the data stream, how much extra work are we asking of the Sense to make that data available. The Sense team has said that the unit does a lot of on board processing before anything gets sent “to the mothership”, so there are probably limiting factors on what is actually directly available from the Sense.

As I’ve said in other threads where I think I come off as Debbie Downer on new ideas - The idea is good, but I’d rather they spend their time / efforts in improving the device detections, rather than features that really only apply to a small subset of the user base.


If you really want that data @Manny1314, you can buy a sampling oscilloscope with current probes as well.

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kevin1 “If you really want that data @Manny1314, you can buy a sampling oscilloscope with current probes as well.”

This was my thought before I got this far… Split the orange box and fine the TP with your scope probe… Gerry

Can’t help but notice that we got carried away and strayed far from the OP’s original request.

Yes, I’m in agreement with the OP. It would be nice if such wave-forms were available, for at least some of us to try and do some DSP.

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