Compare to Similar Homes

I live in a small gated community where there is not natural gas hookup. It seems that this feature will always show my home using more energy than other “similar” homes as it does not distinguish homes with and without natural gas. Does not seem useful in my situation.

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I know it takes 15 nearby homes for this stat to populate.

Their article on it says “ able to build this out further to include other home specifics, like the number of residents in a home and specific devices contained within.”

I would think the all electric house vs LP/ NG heat, hot water , dryer and oven would have to be on another scale…. And a lot more important than if 2 people vs 4 in a home. I hope that sense is separating the homes or you are totally correct and needs to be.

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You can encourage the developers at Sense to factor natural gas into account when comparing homes by liking the original post at the Wishlist thread linked here. Note that this thread discusses a lot of other factors that could also influence the comparison. Perhaps because that list is so long, they have not implemented even the natural gas comparison. I agree that natural gas has a big influence, and is probably the place they should start when they begin to refine home comparisons.


It also looks like EVs aren’t taking into account either. Which makes the chart useless.

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