Similar Home Comparison

For Maine, can you tell me the current numbers of similar Sense homes in my area and the current numbers of Sense homes in Maine?

I understand the it takes 15 homes, at a minimum, to develop a comparison profile.


I asked a similar question in a different forum, and most answers I received are, for data privacy, typically people are not comfortable sharing such information. Some might be willing more than others though.

Hi @drose - @drjb is correct, we’re limited on providing this type of data for privacy reasons.
That being said, I could imagine a small piece of copy under the “similar homes” comparison graph that tells you a little more information on the amount of comparison homes. example:
"“your home is being compared to X amount of similar homes”. If that’s something you’d like to see, I recommend adding it to the Product Wishlist forum below.

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Thanks Justin, I am not asking for any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). I am asking for the denominator that is used to determine the Average Kilowatts Hours for similar homes in my area and for homes in Maine. Is this something you can provide?

I will add this to the product Wishlist as the current comparison value has no meaning without the denominator.

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It would be great if “similar homes” could be based upon additional criteria, such as houses that have converted appliances from LNG to electric or have EVs. Since I use electricity to heat in the winter with geothermal I am on the high of the spectrum and as I convert more appliances I’ll keep moving up. Since moving to geothermal, my LNG energy consumption has practically vanished along with a huge chunk of my carbon footprint!