Cost rounding / Solar Goal Scale / Enhanced Dark Mode

Hi there,

I’d love to see an improvement on 3 UI/Design items.

1st - I do not like the cost rounding to start at $1 (or at all). If my solar system is producing in excess of $1/hr energy I’d like to see for example - 10KW/hr Solar Production to display $1.39/hr instead of $1/hr. The same goes for consumption - if I am consuming 9.5kW/hr I’d like it to display $1.32/hr.

2nd - The Daily Solar Goal Production Scale (in my opinion) should not be tied to 24h. I’d like to request that it is based on Sun Hours (0% Sunrise to 100% Sunset). When I get up in the morning and its still dark outside and the “now” bar is already at 20% even though sunset is still hours away… or in the evening (sunset ~7:30pm) at 8PM it shows that you still have 20% left of the day.

3rd - I find myself constantly changing between the dark and light mode setting based on the time of day. An app that I use “GroupMe” has an awesome IOS enhanced Dark mode that switches between dark and light mode based on the brightness setting of your IOS device and therefore based on the conditions around you. Would love to see that for sense.

Let me know if that makes sense or if I should explain it different.


+1 on dark / light mode request (don’t have solar for the other requests)


Well, even if you don’t have solar the cost rounding still effects you for the consumption part.

+1 again for the dark / light mode tied to the sun. I was hoping at least you guys had added shortcuts on iOS but there is nothing. Wonder what I could do with IFTTT.


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