Current usage Alerts (as opposed to forecasted usage)

My ac breaker tripped a couple times the other day and sense had proved handy for me to check is the air conditioner is trying to run despite a tripped breaker since I can pull up the nest app, See if it’s running, then check the sense app to see if I’m using 4kwh or more.

What I need (and have requested in the past) is an alert that tells me that my current immediate usage has just exceeded (or has dropped below) a certain wattage. I gave reasons for it in the past, mostly hypothetical, but now here’s a real practical way that sense can assist me in protecting my house and Air conditioning unit.

For goodness sake, please add this simple feature so that I don’t have to open the app every 10 minutes.

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It’s there already. Set a goal for “under X watts at any point” and you’ll be notified if you go over that amount.

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^ what he said. Does that cover what you need to do?

@pswired @RyanAtSense

you’re going to have to give more detail. because that doesn’t accomplish what I need it to do. I need it to notify me both when usage exceeds 4kwh, and when usage drops back below 4kwh. this only seems to notify me if it is exceeding 4 kwh. It does not seem to do anything when the usage drops back below 4kwh. And that’s the important part because I need to be notified when usage drops back below 4kwh since that is when the AC turns off on its own or when the breaker trips.

This feature does not work, at least for me. I have an alert for use larger then 10 kW, but I don’t get any alerts when that level is exceeded.

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Sorry, I missed the “drops below” bit. It won’t work like that.

@jlj.pers that’s definitely peculiar. Write into Support about it.

It doesn’t work for me either. It does create alerts inside the app, but it doesn’t push them to my notification screen like it does “AC just turned ON” which is what I need. I want to hear a sound and see a popup on my notification screen.
By the time I open the app to see if I have a notification, it is pointless.

edit: it just alerted me, seems to be hit or miss.

Might want to go into your iOS settings and check the notification settings for sense. I was having the same problem as you and even wrote in to sense support but then I found a setting under above that I turned on and now it’s more reliable. Forgot what the setting was. Not something obvious.

Also I don’t believe sense will send a notification when you are viewing the app.