Notifications for "Other"?


Hey everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way for Sense to alert me when my “Other” usage exceeds a certain threshold for some length of time. Specifically to let me know when I forget to turn off the porch heater. The heater has been detected in Sense, and I have a notification on that to let me know if it is on longer than two hours. The problem is that Sense doesn’t always pick it up when it is turned on. So last night, it was left on all night, and I didn’t happen to look at the app or I would have known right away. When the heater runs, it pulls over 5Kw so it is easy to tell. I looked in the app but did not see any notification options for “Other”, and I also looked at goals but they only seem to be configurable by day or month or billing cycle, etc. I didn’t see an option for hours.



There’s not an exact way to do that, but you can set an “at any point” goal, though it will take all wattage into account. I have a similar scenario in my home where I want Sense to alert me if my aux heat turns on. It hasn’t yet been detected, so I set an “any point” usage goal for 10kw. It’s not perfect, but in most cases, if I’m pulling over 10kw, it’s because my aux heat is running; it’s very rare that I get a false positive.

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