Do you use Goals in the Sense app? Share your story

A bunch of you shared stories about Device Notifications and some of them made it into a recent video.

I’m now working on a video about the Goals feature and I’d love to include some of your user stories. How are you making use of the Goals feature? To start, I’ll share some of mine:

  • I have an anytime goal set for 10kW, so I can know when my auxiliary electric heat is running
  • I have two goals (<25kWh at end of day and <900kWh at end of month) to know if my electric bill is going to be crazy expensive at the end of the month so I can prep accordingly.

Thanks @RyanAtSense, always good to get some visuals!
The low-fi scratchy background track enhances the … OK, nevermind. :wink:


  • Scanned my historical peak power meter and saw around 9.3kW
  • Set both “At any point < 9.6kW” and “At any point <9.0kW”

That’s my pseudo “Over Current” alert since I have a 100A panel without a main breaker (strictly speaking it’s a sub-panel). My main breaker in the basement is a PITA to access so I want to keep my current warnings as low as possible without sending me cry-wolf alerts all the time.

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How do you set this “anytime” goal?

Looking at the goals I don’t seem to have that as an option…the options I have are “usage” and “always on”

I also don’t see it mentioned here:

I believe @RyanAtSense is referring to this

These are the Goals I have used.


I see it now. Thanks

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Would love to see this somehow integrated with IFTTT! I.e. If using too much electricity, it could signal nest to turn down the heat or turn off lights via an automation system.

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Bruno Munari is turning in his grave. Possibly literally?

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I use the goals function in the app but it is only good for power used nothing else. The cost per kw function is basically useless since there is no 24/7 grid to enter changing costs per kw. The goal function is only useful for power consumed until the Sense app developers give us at least a basic cost per hour grid