Smart Home: Goals - (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

I’ve set initial Usage Goals, based upon our past energy consumption habits:

  • Daily: 15 kWh
  • Weekly: 105 kWh
  • Monthly: 456 kWh

I’m highly interested in seeing how the rest of the Sense user-world, uses their chosen goals to affect their desired outcomes (solar and non-solar)!

Please share your energy goals and strategies in controlling your energy bill.

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I do Usage and Solar by Day, Month and (Billing) Cycle.

I need to adjust my Usage goals, they’re set for summer in Florida. Lots and lots and lots of AC.

I made a video a bit ago that talks about some uses for Goals, inspired by posts here and my colleagues.

Hi @RyanAtSense thanks for the video. I would be great if you could set a “solar production at the end of the year” goal. Many installers will guarantee solar production of a system for the first few years after they install it, so a goal like this would be great for tracking progress towards that guarantee.

The problem with that is adding complexity to the UI in so far as “the year” is going to start at different times for different solar installs.

Usage > YR > Solar gets you the yearly tally of kWh January-December.

There you can also do a straightforward sum of the monthly output starting at the appropriate month.

Beyond that, Excel calculus on a web export will remain more flexible than what can be crammed into the UI.

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What’s missing is the history of the Goals. They’re cool to look at during the day/period but after they happen they’re gone.