Use your monthly reports!


Curious if we can see a pattern…

List your installed time, devices detected and your monthly average. I believe my equipment and usage puts me in a ‘noisy’ category but we’ll see.

Installed Time: 4 months with current unit
Devices Detected: 31 (including 4 active HS110’s)

New Members/Old Members: Introduce yourself!

Great idea @samheidie

Ignore my naming of devices, it’s so I remember what happening with them.
I installed January 15th so I’ve been at it 3 weeks. I have 21 detections with 17 active. I had another but it disappeared and isn’t in the count.
I’ve got a some I’m going to delete as they aren’t working anymore and have never tagged to timeline. Where my average is concerned, I haven’t had a full month yet and won’t get a bill for January until next month.


Installed August 2018
21 Devices
8 Installed HS110s

Sense found my Pool Pump (Jandy single speed - 230 volts at 8.0 amps) but only reports half of the usage to Pool Pump and the other half goes to Other.

The Coffee Maker is a Keurig, it disappeared for awhile and was found again.

Also, we have gas for heat, hot water, dryer, cooktop and oven.

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@ken2 How many of those 21 devices are acrive
And how many are positively identified?
Nice usage numbers. Curious as to size of home and family size unless too personal and rather not share.


@samwooly1 All of the 21 are active devices. Had a few more, but they were getting confused with other devices so Sense Support reset them.

They are all positively identified. Some took awhile, particularly the Salt Water Generator on my pool. The usage for the pool pump is not accurate at all, it’s only reporting about half the watts it actually uses.

House is around 2,700 sq feet and there’s two of us now - empty nesters.


Great work @ken2, I’m impressed. Your usage is below mine dramatically and my home is a modest 1600 feet but there are four of use here.
My usage will for sure change when at least one of the kids leaves (son is 23 but still here to save money) I analyze usage about things now between the wife and I and the kids. When the wife or I take a shower it takes the water heater approximately 11 minutes to recover what was lost. For both of the kids it’s the same and the recovery time is 35 minutes. I’ve got a lot more examples like that but not water is a pet peeve and the one appliance I obsess about.

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@samwooly1 Thanks. Sense has helped me reduce our usage a bunch. And winters in Florida are nice… 70’s today. Having natural gas helps us a lot. We replaced our dryer and stove (oven) with gas versions in December and that’s helped too. Next up is to replace my single speed pool pump with a variable speed. It’ll go from 1600 watts to 100 watts and it runs 8 plus hours.

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Yes, that gas has a lot to do with it. Wish we
Could but our area is propane and it’s more expensive plus the unsightly tank in the yard is just not something we want.
That new pool pump will help. You would have to run that new 100 watt pump for 16 hours before it consumed what the single speed 1600 watt version does in 1 hour. That should be very noticeable.
It’s actually better for your pool to run at least 8 hours a day anyway.


Looking back at the monthly reports people are sharing, I notice something different about one of them. It belongs to @ken2.
His states his use compared to others in his state while mine and the original poster (@samheidie)
Does not.
Does anyone know exactly why this is? I’m assuming it’s based on how many user in a particular state but it is a guess.
Would be interesting to know how we compare to others in our area. The way it is right now it looks like we are grouped wit h users in much different climates.


Here’s mine:

Installed Time: nearly 2 years, but reset back in Aug 17, so 1 1/2 year of real data.
Devices Detected: 61 (including 25 HS110s)

OK - I use a lot of electricity, but 600W or so go to feeding our two Teslas, plus the Ford Fusion Energi. Been working on pushing my Always On down, but it’s getting more challenging as the number becomes smaller - do I put my garage door openers (3) on smart plugs - they consume 8W each in idle mode ?


Middle Tennessee, 6 months install on house 2 (moved and took my sense with me after 18 months on house1.) I have a 2400 sq ft uninsulated shop that accounts for about 50W of always on (ceiling fans, PCs, cameras, router/AP in the shed.) 21 devices identified, 2 pending/mystery.

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Mine has been install for 2years and 1 month and I have 19 unique devices after merging.

On my wish list is better detection for my washer and dishwasher. I’d also love it to finally detect my TV sets(40" and 65" Sony). No light bulb has been detected but they are all leds.

House is about 2600 sq ft.

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Impressive numbers!


Thanks. I should add that my stove, dryer, water heater and furnace are all on natural gas so that skews my energy consumption when looking at just electricity.

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No monthly report yet because I’ve only had it for 9 days but so far:

Installed Time: 9 days
Devices Detected: 7
Expected Average Wattage (from bill): 2,222 Watts


Just found this thread and I cant wait to start getting my monthly reports to see what i am using and figure out where i can use less power to save some money each month. I think the thing that i am most curious about is how much my 2014 BMW i3 is using on average each month and what the actual cost to recharge it each month is costing me compared to how much i was spending on gas before trading in my car for this one last year.

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I installed my Sense in late December 2018, so January is the first complete month of data collected. Here are my results!!


I also have an EV, a Chevy Bolt. I’ve had the Sense installed since late December. I’m also looking forward to Sense finding my car charging as a device. It hasn’t identified it yet. But I only drive it on the weekends, mostly charge it at free public stations, so do not charge it often at home. I find I’m mostly using the Level 1 charger when I plug in at home, even though I had a Level 2 charger installed at home.

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Yes, I should also disclose that my stove, dryer, water heater are all on gas and the furnace burns oil, so that skews my energy consumption when looking at just electricity.


WOW! 400 kwh and you have an EV! You must not drive many miles, charging my EV for a month is about equal to your total usage., work round trip is 42 miles. I can’t touch the 45 watts of always on but going to try to get closer.