Use your monthly reports!


I take the bus, train, or ride my bike to work (in decent weather), and rarely drive. When I do drive to work, it is only a 10 mile round-trip commute. I use my EV on the weekends mostly, AND I’m so lucky to have free Level 2 EV charging stations ~1 block from my home, my office, and my favorite coffee shop and at the park where I run/exercise. So at this point, I rarely charge at home.

BTW, I just received my Federal tax credit for purchasing my EV (since I purchased it in early Dec 2018) and got a $6,035 tax return check!!! …all due to the EV Fed tax credit which maxes out at $7,500, but since I don’t make enough money that I pay $7,500 in Fed tax, I only got the $6K…but I’m not complaining!! :slight_smile: So, it is REALLY true! The Federal EV tax credit exists…for now!!! (I’m a bit cynical and paranoid that I don’t really believe these things are going to work out, until I actually see the check in the mail!! LOL.) The NY State EV credit is not regressive (not based on income), nor required filing and waiting for a tax return, since $2K was simply, automatically taken off the price of the car when I purchased it.


I believe you can roll the additional $1500 into next years taxes, at least I think I remember reading that somewhere.

I am pushing my company to install some EV charging spots so I can charge at work. :slight_smile:

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My March report:

So excited to get over 40% Solar in March, in BUFFALO!! (BUT, this may be a result of “We broke the planet weather.” :anguished::confused:)