Custom dates for billing cycle

It would be nice to have custom dates and times for each month for billing cycles. Currently mine is set to a date, but the power company does not always take it on that date, it changes a few days each month.

For example,
January’s bill was for Dec 29 - Jan 29
February’s bill was for Jan 30 - Mar 1
March’s bill was for Mar 2 - Mar 29

If I could tell it when each month’s bill dates are for, it would make it easier to view, or at least when the current month’s bill starts.

As of right now I export the hourly data and compare the totals for the date range. My current bill was only 6Kw off, if I use the full day. If I stop it at 10pm, instead of midnight for the end then the bill matches EXACTLY what sense said I used. I call this a WIN in my book.

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I will leave @RyanAtSense and others on the forum to address the somewhat technically tricky nature of your request but it makes me wonder if Sense could have a method to input Utility bill data: dates + cost. That way Sense could capture and incorporate that data into the system. It would also serve to satisfy @rich2871’s request. In the Trend>Usage screen one might see DAY/WK/MO/YR/COMPARE or something like that.

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This feature has been asked for by May people. I can understand why. I don’t have a problem because my read date is the first day of each month so it’s only off by one day for me.
I wish we had custom date ranges for other reasons. Say I want to track use over a five day period mid-month, we don’t have that ability and would be nice to not just have for our total use but also device level.