Customer Webinar - 8/17/2018


I’m happy to announce out next customer webinar! It will take place August 17th from 3 to 4pm (ET). You’ll hear from Mike (CEO), Ghinwa (Data Science Team Lead), and Hilario (Principal Product Manager). They’ll talk about some recent updates at Sense, with a focus on recent and upcoming smart home integrations as well the latest device detection work we’ve been doing. We’ll also have time to field some questions from you.

We have to cap attendance at 50 people and just like the last webinar, we must ask that you do not record this event. We plan to speak openly about proprietary work and cannot risk this getting out to competitors.

The first half of the event will be devoted to discussing recent work and we will spend the second half answering your questions. You can post questions here as well as live via chat during the webinar. We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to answer every question in the short timeframe, but we will do our best to answer as many as we can.

You must RSVP using this link. Details on how to access the webinar will be sent out the week of the event.

We’re really excited to do this again!

Registration ends 8/15 at 5PM EDT.

Pool Pumps the Forgotten Device Detection
Sense forgot my EV (Tesla)

Please sign me up.


Sense Forgetting devices

I’m in…:+1:t2:


Go to Eventbrite to sign up. The link is right there in the post.


Signed up. Interested to see what you are doing to device detection as that is a major thorn in my side.


Signed up.


Sweet! Registered!


Don’t forget to let us know what questions you have! We can take them live via chat as well, but you can write them here too. We might even be able to answer some of them in advance.

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Support for batteries like the Telsa Powercell. Like solar support but people with solar and batteries need another pair of sensors.

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I’ve had a question I just can’t find the answer to. If for instance my mini split is showing “on” and then when running with no drop in wattage shows “device off”, is it smart in the detection process to manually turn it off then back on to rediscover it or is that detrimental or a waste of time? I did contact support with that question a month ago and never heard back ( I know they’re busy).


My hottest burning question would be around new integrations of other smart devices. Specifically, could a road map be shared and as beta testers, could we be involved early on with a bit more control over testing, resetting, and testing again with different parameters.

Using the Hue as an example, it would have been nice to be able to test, then reset our monitor removing the link between the two, change parameters, and link them again sharing the various results.


Registered! My questions:

  1. What’s new with device detection and is there any plan to add functionality where we can help the process (i.e. just telling sense “no, that’s not the device that just turned on.”)
  2. Any word on additional sense devices to monitor parallel panels under the same account?
  3. Any plans to release an official API?

Count me in please.


Looks like we’re all full up, everybody. I’m hoping we can secure some additional spots, but it’s not guaranteed yet. We’re really looking forward to this. Don’t forget to submit some questions!


I attended the last one so I didn’t want to take a spot for this one… but will there be a summary of questions asked/answered and what was covered posted afterwards?

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As much as possible. We’ll also be going into some proprietary stuff here so that cannot be shared after the fact. But for anything else, we’ll do our best to share it broadly. I swear it won’t look like this:


Drat. Just seeing this now and already sold out. I was too late on the last one too. Maybe future ones can have an allowance for more than 50 people.



I just opened up 35 additional slots. But act fast!


Great, thank you. I just registered now. Looking forward to it!

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I’m a computer programmer, so I’d love to hear and what languages/frameworks/technologies you use(d).

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