Customer Webinar - 8/17/2018


I am in as well!


Don’t miss this chance if you haven’t signed up, yet. :slight_smile:


This is a week from today and we still have some open spots! Don’t forget to let us know what questions you have and what topics you’d like us to touch on.


Can you touch on the beta program, and what internal controls are in place to bring a feature out of beta. ie… The hue integration was brought out to the masses while many in the beta were experiencing issues still. How is that decision made?


That’s a really great question. @HilarioAtSense, our Principal Product Manager, also heads up the Beta group and will be on the call.


What is the status of being able to download historical data from sense? For example, I have had my Sense for 6 months and want to download historical data to calculate the solar payback if I install more grid tied solar PV.

Second question, is there going to be improved ifttt integration that would allow me to check when I am producing more solar electric than I am currently using and then active / deactivate a device during these times? From what I can tell, the only ifttt trigger is device off / on.



Registered! New power user here. Also contemplating solar since two houses on my block just put panels up!

I’m sure it’s old news but I’d love to hear more about how we can help train the device. Drives me crazy it can’t detect my PHEVs, as well as other devices I can easily toggle to train it.

It would be stellar if I could see what leg my power is used on, to help track down and identify devices by flipping breakers.

I’d also love to know if there is any way you can expose how “noisy” our power is, so that we can tailor our expectations for device detection or maybe even see if we can discover any specific device that is causing unexpected noise in the lines, perhaps even a sign a device is failing or should be replaced!



Thanks for all of the questions and topics so far. Still some spots remaining. Registration ends tomorrow.


Question for the seminar:
For us solar users, could there be a method to show our export on the meter or a cumulative trend? This would be very beneficial to me at least.


i would be interested in a discussion of issues related to variable speed / wattage devices and what to expect for house that has them, along with anything that we can do to help with their detection. My sense seems to struggle to keep them all straight or discover them. E.G. I have a variable speed pool pump, 2 furnaces with variable speed motors, 2 x 2 stage AC’s. In addition, I have an dual oven that has multiple heating elements that it constantly cycles on to maintain the proper temps. Any input on the ideal way to combine them etc would be welcome. Also my coffee pot has valuable loads it grinds first then brews and has yet to be seen . I hope that makes sense


Another thing I would be interested in hearing about, would be the proper use of the option to report things that I see are not correct. I have the option to report a device as not on if I can catch it while it is on. I can also delete a device and let it get rediscovered. I recently had 2 situations occur. One was caused by me moving a plug to a different circuit. The second one was when a device that worked perfectly since day 1, suddenly upped the reported wattage by more than double when nothing has changed. Which of the 2 above options should I use to correct things


Registered! Late to the party but not too late.


I like this as well. I have a Fridge 3 that was found and runs around 100 Watts. I have I marked to tell me if it runs for more than an hour trying to catch a kid that didn’t close it. While running I hit the breakers for all fridges I have and it stayed on. I went down both boxes and flipped every breaker and it is still on…

So yes, ideas on what we can do to help and how to best report suspect devices.


Ditto, would love clear info on the best way to deal with these situations. As well as if there are any tricks on discovery of devices like mini splits, AC’s, really any devices. Does scheduling a device to turn on an off more frequently than they would in normal use help with detection, would the device still be detected when you swith back to a normal schedule?


@RyanAtSense Is there a full list of questions that are being addressed in the webinar? If you can publish a list it would help us to fill in any gaps that may be missing. Thank you.


Easy question witha short answer:
Ground Truth solutions may be months down the road, and that’s fine with me, but which devices are you considering?
If you’re considering 3rd party, imma hoping the ever affordable SONOFF solutions will cut it, even if it requires us to replace the SONOFF factory firmware :slight_smile:


We have about 80 people joining the call and will have a 30 minute section devoted to questions from this thread and questions asked live in the chat. We won’t be able to touch on everything, obviously, but will get to as many as we can. For questions to have a more broad appeal and don’t touch on anything proprietary or sensitive, we may be able to publish some answers after the webinar.


Registration is officially closed.

I will be sending out login details early tomorrow morning.


is there a live stream that would be read only? or will there be a link to view later?


Unfortunately not. We’ll be talking about some proprietary stuff, so we can’t have it out there for competitors. I do plan to publish a list of questions and answers that do not touch on proprietary material however.