Customer Webinar - 8/17/2018


Thanks again for putting this together!

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Yes - nicely done event and content.


Are we going to be able to receive a non-confidential summary of the seminar’s key points? The biggest question I have (as it cannot be considered a secret at this point); when can we expect and what is next on the IoT integration list. 40% is just too high after almost 2 years.

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I still can’t say what the next integration will be, but it is something that has been asked for repeatedly on here and on social. It’s taking a bit longer than anticipated to roll out. We learned a lot from the Hue release so are making sure to allow for heavy internal testing before going public.

But yes, I am planning on doing a writeup based on the Webinar. It should come in the next week or so…end of the month is always busy here.

Pretty awesome!

I put together this video excerpt from the webinar. Audio is pretty rough as we didn’t intend to release…we’ll definitely record some better sound next time.

Idea on EV detection
Sense, please enlighten us to some of the tools you use
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