Conference call - 2/23/18

We have been thinking a lot about new ways of gathering user input, and would love to get a cohort of our customers into a conference call next Friday, Feb. 23 at 3 PM (ET) to discuss some of our ideas and get your feedback.

Joining on our side will be Mike (CEO and co-founder), as well as George, our new VP of Technology, Ghinwa, our lead data scientist, and Hilario, our principal product manager. They will share a bit more about what we’re working on right now, and answer some of your questions in real-time. If you have some questions you’d like them to address during the call, please post them here in this thread.

Just to help us plan for the event, could you RSVP using this link?

We do have to cap the attendance at 25 people, but hope that many of you will join us.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

I would like to join. Your web conference site (Eventbrite) is not working.

The link works if you open up Facebook (‘SENSE Energy Users’ group) and use the link provided.
If you use the link provided at the SENSE “Blog site”, it does not work.


Whoops, the page or event you are looking for was not found.

Event not found per EventBrite, but I would like to attend.

Sorry about that everyone…new link is edited above and pasted below:

Disappointing! Looks like this Conference Call “Sold out” in 21 hrs! Time to increase the audience size!

Can you record the call and put it on the web for us to listen to later? Or transcribe it (more work)?

I’m very interested in the news and would also want to hear the user discussion.



Bummer about being sold-out. Fridays are #MachoDrone’s day off. This is @MachDrone’s 3rd energy monitor in 15yrs… and the most favorite one. :joy: a recording of the event will be greatly appreciated.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … V heart V

Hoping for the recording as well!

Hey everyone (including @tmdatanet and @MachoDrone) -

Thank you so much for everyone’s interest in this. We’re moving to a webinar platform so we can accomodate more participants, while maintaining facility for Q&A, so if you’re still interested in participating, please register here:

We’ll send out login details to everyone who has registered this afternoon or first thing tomorrow.

We’re going to focus the discussion on Device Detection and User Input, and we’re also hoping we can have more of these in the future and zoom in on other topics that have come up for discussion.

Thanks again for your eagerness to get involved, and your patience as we put together the mechanism for hosting these.


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Great! “See” you there!

Sorry I hadn’t gotten to this soon, but I did want to get back to @henry_coolidge and @kinney.dan about the recording.

We do have to ask that no one records tomorrow’s call, take pictures, screen captures etc. I know this is a drag for people who can’t make it, but we’d like to speak openly about the projects we’re working on and show some “behind the scenes” functionality. An archived recording could get into the hands of a competitor and give them a peek inside that we’d prefer they don’t have access to. This is also why we’re managing the invitations through Eventbrite so we can make sure we know who’s participating!

This does mean you’ll get to see some cool stuff tomorrow, and the engineering team will be able to address your questions with some solid, in-depth, technical explanations, so thanks for your understanding. We will be sure to have more events in the future, and archive them whenever possible!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns.

This sounds so exciting. Unfortunately, it’s during work hours for me so I can’t attend, but kudos to you for opening up like this. Hopefully I can attend one in the future.

I plan on attending, but here are some possible topics to discuss:

  1. Could there be a process for users willing to participate in sort of an extended lab situation where they would provide a list of devices in their home and be able to work at a pre-arranged time with someone from Sense (on phone or chat) and power on/off these devices so that the Sense team could see directly what’s going on with real-time feedback?

  2. What’s really happening when you merge devices? The power profile becomes a series of 1-second pulses rather than a continuous curve.

  3. If the Sense team can see the WiFi signal level, why not make that available to users so that they can optimize antenna placement?

  4. Allow select users to somehow “annotate” events on the usage graph to identify known device state changes. These annotations could be later processed by the Sense team. This annotation capability would be enabled selectively by the Sense Team for users willing to be contacted for actions similar to item 1 above.


Attendance is now closed so I will not be able to attend but those who are attending and reading this, PLEASE focus on the simple fact that device detection is poor, very poor in fact. I have read posts after posts after posts that all have had poor device detection. Who needs a web interface if the base technology does not work well. People can argue that fact but the results tell the truth. Please send that message home. Thank you.

@BradAtSense it’s not 3PM EST yet… Too late to get in on the call??? I hope not!!

Too bad you missed - issue was raised. The Sense data science team did a very enlightening “demo” on why different users experience such mixed success with identification. Showed real data where identification was obscured by:

  • Noisy devices - definitely some noisy devices that hide other underlying devices.
  • Hard to identify devices - some that are extremely difficult to detect on, off, both events
  • Devices that are not unique enough in signature
  • Devices with many components that are not at all similar

Also did a credible job explaining when user input is useful, and why generalized “end-user training” is not helpful.


Great call guys… Amazing we got to sit and listen to the core team… Love this product!

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Thanks Kevin for the information. Much appreicated.

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Will a recording of the Conference call be made available?