At what point do you just give up on Device Detection?

This is after a little over a year.
Had such high hopes for all the data I’d be able to pull out of this system and use it to monitor and optimize our usage, but I’m stuck with two sad bubbles :frowning:

It would be interesting to see your power meter waveforms both at the daily resolution and for an hour or so when the waveforms are most active. The power meter waveform might also show whether you have a “noisy” device that is masking other detections.

ps: Your “Always On” is pretty large in relation to most people’s. That’s a place that you could optimize even without any detections.

pss: Probably worth checking in with on this topic as well.


Are you getting similar with both your Senses?

Is the big Always On/Other for the reptiles? i.e. a bunch of heat lamps? (the Solar Sense?)
That would explain a lot.

On another note: I kinda love the idea of having a purely solar powered reptile house … like having to forego skylights for PV and then using the PV power to make light.

There are those for whom Sense seems to work OK, then there are the rest of us. No clue what the ratio actually is. Apparently environment and kinds of devices vary widely.

Do you have many things plugged in to power strips or do you have each device plugged in to it’s own outlet?

I wonder if that makes any difference in detection of devices.

Power strips, unless they’re a TP-Link HS300, don’t make a difference for Sense detection.


What do your detections look like? Can you give more info regarding your energy usage and some of the larger electrical loads? Have you reached out to support? We’re missing a lot of information here so it’s hard to give you a good assessment.

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That’s certainly abnormal. I’d echo all of @senseinaz’s questions above. And agreed that that is a huge Always On. You should be able to make some optimizations there even without a better detection experience.

I have the same situation which makes Sense not very useful at all.

After 2 years of training, this is what my normal display looks like:

Always on: 1656w
Other: 1264w

I would love to get some insight into how to solve the “other” and “always on” part of this.

@RyanAtSense did a great checklist on how to inventory your Always On sources here:

I would use a traveling HS110 smart plug to take aim at the Other. Try for a day or two on each suspect 120V device in your house. Sorry, but it won’t help with 240V dual phase devices or wired 120V.

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