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Have others recognized a recent (for me) trend for long time devices to “stay” on indefinitely when in fact they are off? Several examples below: led lights and my i3. Device detection is reliable, Sense just won’t release it when they turn off. Make me question total load measurements too…

There are two somewhat separate pieces of data here. The first is the total power draw, measured by the voltage and current sensors. I’ve compared that to my other monitoring system (welserver) and to the revenue grade metering. My Sense runs within 1% of the revenue grade metering for both solar generation and power company draw. Slightly less accurate that the (calibrated) welserver, but pretty close.

The others are the “deduced” power draws for individual devices. Those are substantially less accurate, and it would not be a surprise that adding those up would differ from the total power numbers.

Yes, support is looking into why Sense is no longer detecting the off state for our LG TV.

Same happened to me! I deleted the TV and it took a couple weeks or more to find it again. Looks to be detecting off now, though.

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My LG OLED TV is reported on longer then it actually is. Doesn’t happen all the time.

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Yes over the past couple of months. Detection seemed like it used to be better, now it often is stating that things are still running even though they are not. This has mostly been my AC and my spa.

Same as us if it adds anything interesting to the scenario. Ours is a OLED65C7P.

Mine is a OLED65B7A. Sense reports 244W when it’s on.

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Sense flatlines ours at 171W even though an amp meter shows a lot of flucuation based on what the screen is displaying.

Exactly what mine was doing…

Hi All -

If you have a device that should be off but still shows as on, you can help Sense out by tapping on the bubble and then go to the settings gear for the device. Choose the Manage tab from the top. Tap on “Report a problem” and tap “Device is not on”. This will alert sense to the problem and they can investigate and help resolve.

I had this on a couple devices and sense would let me know some additional information if needed.

Hope this helps.


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