Sense network detection acting up


Let’s see if we can’t track this down…

A little less than a week ago my TV started getting picked up nearly all the time, even though I’ve noted a few times that it was off. Seeing as how this is a network detection item, must be something up. Only thing that has changed is that I’ve recently updated my Smartthings account to their newer platform (but not my app).

You can see around thursday when the TV goes from reasonable hours to just about all day.

Looks like my toaster is also being seen as on, though I know it’s not…

I’m leaning towards deleting these two items, anyone from Sense or otherwise have any insight?


Not on that question, but I see your always on is now 168! What happened?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not sure - probably a lot of little things adding up over the past year or two. Some always on amplifiers, LEDs on smart switches throughout the house, etc.

Probably also some changes to the learning algorithms such that always on lumped into always on either better or worse.


Let me run this by the data science team and get back to you.


Thanks @RyanAtSense, my hunch is that it’s latched onto something else, but how and why is the question. The wattage doesn’t match what I think the TV is drawing. Must be something on more or less all the time, though.


They think they’ve figured out what’s going on and will try and roll out a fix quickly.


Thanks…my Droid app has been complaining about network issues for days, but only when I select Solar, so it wasn’t a big deal. Balloons still worked, as did devices


That sounds unrelated to this, which is an NDI issue. What sort of network issues are you seeing? Server errors?


Red band across the bottom of the screen, says “Network Problem- There was a problem talking to the Sense service.”, and a Retry on the far right…which did nothing. Wish I knew how to do a screen shot for you.

Now screen has the balloons, with solar showing the right readings (close to my Enphase and WelServer readings).



Figured out how to screen shot, here is what I’m seeing



Just scoured our help center and I’m seeing any other reports of this. I’d suggest getting in touch with Support. This is a bit off topic for this thread, so we can continue it via PM if you’d like.


I’m not sure if this is bothering me enough to deal with your support organization (it’s petty minor compared to other Sense issues), but I understand that what I’m seeing is not the same issue that started this discussion.

Thank you,



Why don’t you un plug tv and find what’s reporting
Selectively removing all loads using breakers
I’m with: Sense is onto another device and need to find


Any updates, Ryan? Still seeing it, despite several attempts at “device not on.” Thanks!


The fix was implemented and will go out to you when the models next get updated for your home, which should be any day now. I’ll talk to data science because we may be able to force them out sooner…so keep checking!


It’s not a big deal, just noticed it hadn’t changed. Not like I don’t know when my own TV is on or not :wink:


How can you tell if it is a network detection item? Is there an identifying somewhere that I am missing?


As far as I know, it’s only internet connected TVs right now, which fairly limits the possibilities.


Still there - should I just delete the TV and have it refind it?


Strange. It should be fixed. Let me reach out to the DS team and get back to you.