Daily separation of devices

I’ve been away from home since last Wednesday. Since then the ONLY device which has been turning on is the refrigerator.

The Sense app is not automatically splitting up the days consistently. In my example, between Wednesday and Sunday the refrigerator turned on 76 times. It seem like the app should tell how many times the refrigerator was on each day, instead of grouping it in this strange way. Also Monday and Tuesday is getting grouped together at 47 times.

I understand this may be a rare use case, but it seems like a bug to me.

If you really want to see the the daily on/off numbers split by Day, use the Trends for that Device. From what I have seen, Timeline alerts for the same device are grouped by an heuristic that takes into account proximity to the next similar event, and lack of any intervening events.

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I think sense has trouble separating similar devices and or repeating devices. I have 2 hue lights that are scheduled to turn on dusk to dawn. Since they are hue lights sense is very aware what they are. That said sense thinks those lights are turned on anywhere from 5-9 times a night. Never off mind you just on a lot of times. But nobody is doing that.

That’s the first I’ve seen an issue like that. We rely on your Hue bridge to tell us the status of those bulbs, so that’s certainly odd. Just verifying that you have set up the Hue integration with Sense, right? Are you certain it’s the actual Hue device in Sense that’s turning on? I’m wondering if Sense detected them separately, though that isn’t super likely.

I would encourage you to write into Support about this.

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I will bring it up with them. They found an issue with the way the solar inverter power was being handled and fixed that from their end. My meter now looks good. They also foun one of my CTs was not locked and I fixed that. So my system is perhaps working as it should. I will see if it can detect devices now. But I will take this new issue to them.



Glad to hear that support was able to help you with your inverter issue. Welcome to the world of a fully functioning Sense system ! Hope your next bunch of detective work is more fun…

Thanks. Now wondering if I should reset the unit as per the help files for open CTs. It says to reset once they are closed, but thenSense tech has not told me to do that

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