Dark forum theme


I did this mainly for my own use to avoid the blinding whites of the main theme at the end of the day, but you may like it as well. Just click the hamburger menu to the left of your profile picture and select Theme: Dark at the bottom. To switch back, just select Theme: Light.


Here I am thinking you meant the App lol.

Regardless, I love it, thanks Ryan!


Hah! I’ll adjust the title.

I would love a dark app theme though :heart_eyes:


Soooo much better. Thank you! I’d also love a dark theme for the app. I really hate über white interfaces.


Very nice :+1:t2:


yeah brah… Checkout the colours you cans choose from here!


Like it. Switched to the dark side!!


There would probably be an uproar if we dedicated any resources to creating a dark theme on the app :grin:




Made accessing themes a bit easier via the hamburger menu.


Ryan, you going to love this tidbit.

Did you know that, on my plasma TV, :tv: the Light theme uses about 190 more watts to display than the Dark theme? The picture below shows my TV using FireTV and Firefox as a browser displaying both themes.

I would never know this if I didn’t have Sense installed. Cool! BTW, my next TV will NOT be plasma. So Sense users, if you display the community on your plasma TV, use a Dark them and help save the world by using 190 watts less.

Just saying…:thinking:

Ops, I got the picture annotated wrong. switch dark and light. The Dark uses less watts.


Fred_W they stopped making plasmas years ago so you have nothing to worry about. It’s too bad really, the picture on plasma is only rivaled by expensive OLED.


@senseinaz, yes, my TV is about 9 years old. It does have a great picture, but I don’t get much High Def due to crappy slow rural DSL speed and limited Dish HD options. I don’t know how I can afford a OLED, so I’ll just wait or do without TV all together.


Yikes. It makes perfect sense, but I still never would have thought about it when picking a theme!


Last year’s models can be had pretty cheap compared to current models. I keep thinking of upgrading the tv in our bedroom. Watching Netflix in 4K DolbyVision has ruined me when I then try to watch something in 1080P in our room.:joy:


@scorp508, My thinking is that it does not matter what OLED costs if I can’t get HD or 4K from Netflix why buy a OLED TV?. One of the disadvantages of living in rural America is your internet access options are slow at best. Netflix requires a steady 5 Meg for HD and a screaming 25 Meg for UltraHD. My Verizon DSL speed ranges from under 1.0 meg to 5.0 meg. Am I missing something in my thinking?


@Fred_W my TV (LG OLED65C7P) averages 12-14Mbps when streaming 4K in Netflix. Obviously still a problem in your case. A buddy of mine lives on a lake and relies on satellite with data quotas. His Xbox wanting to do a 30 GB game up date is a heck of a chore.

OLED does still provide a much richer picture with its true blacks in normal content. You could watch UHD Blu-Ray if so inclined which is going to look far nicer than current streaming codecs.

But yeah… fighting rural dsl will put a huge damper the usefulness.


Yes, @scorp508, my wife and I often have discussions about moving, but there are pros about living in the boonies. Dogs roam free, star glazing is great and you can walk to the hot tub al-natural with no worries. Getting back to the electrical Sense thing, I glade I didn’t have it before the hot tub went south. I could not have justified the cost in January.