Plasma TV shock


Although Sense hasn’t detected the TV as a device, I was trying to work out what was consuming big chunks of the Unknown bucket. I used the power meter to see the usage change as the TV when from white picture to black picture to off. I was shocked to find out that the thing eats +400W when showing a picture without a lot of black in it. It still consumes +100W to show a predominantly black picture. Wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near that!


I have a 15 year old 42" Sony Rear projection that use 17W on Standby. ~200W in use.
My five year old 55" Sony LED uses less than 100W. Plasmas are known for using a lot of power and generating a lot of electrical noise.


The current “noise” from that beast is likely to cloak lots of other devices signatures from your Sense, at least when it is displaying active programming.


My plasma is similar. That being said it has the best picture and viewing angles on it. One day I’ll replace it but the only TV worth replacing a plasma with is an OLED.


LED TVs will save you a ton of money. My Samsung 46" uses 70-100W and has a fantastic sleep mode drawing almost no vampire drains.


LED TVs also have a poor picture compared to a plasma and can’t compete with 10 year old plasmas. is a good place for television reviews and if you really want to get down in the weeds. OLED is the only way to go for a plasma owner not wanting to downgrade their picture quality but OLEDs pose their own risks with burn-in and are very expensive.


yes you are so correct LED just can’t compare to Plasma but they are getting better. I have two Plasma TVs but my Sense box only sees one of them.


This came up in the last Webinar (I wasn’t around for it, but it’s been summarized for me). Plasma TVs look very noisy and can negatively affect detection for other devices. I do miss my 55" plasma, but I do not miss the electricity bill for that beast. Maybe if I had a nicely designed space for watching TV (blackout curtains, ideal viewing angles, ideal distance to screen), I’d care about the differences between LED and plasma more, but my LED is working well enough for me in my poorly laid out living room.


I have a new OLED and find it’s usage fairly low. My understanding of OLED black pixels is that those pixels are just turned off. In other technologies the tv has to ‘create’ a black pixel with color. That’s why blacks are blacker, supposedly, with OLED.


Split the power cable to tv so to put amp clamp on it. I don’t mean to expose
Copper just insulated wire
Can also buy watt meter 110v plug cheap on e bay
Amps x volts= Watts. I’ve seen some cable boxes draw
600+ watts, like a heater. Plasma TVs are power hogs
And run hot to the touch