Lg oled55b7a oled tv

Make: LG
Model: OLED55B7A
How identified: Smart plug (Kasa HS110)

Additional Comments: Based on Kasa reading of 0.42w, annual standby usage is 3.7kWhr/year
Because OLEDs are per-pixel illumination, the brighter the display the higher the energy usage. This implies that the Sense waveform can be correlated to what is being watched on the TV or conversely, based on the Sense waveform, you can identify what was being watched (in theory). See the views below for “60 Minutes” on March 1, 2020 .

Power Specs: Input label 120V 50/60Hz@3.7A; Sense Stats, Avg usage = 106W; Standby (Sense display as fed by HS110) = 0W; Kasa app standby = 0.42w

Detailed View:
“60 Minutes” view; daily peak power was about 333W (vertical scale expanded accordingly)

Daily View:
Clear view of using TV from 18:01 - 22:19

Here’s a zoom-in on the above activity

Waveform Source. Device Power Meter

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