Dedicated Circuit \ Dedicated Load Monitoring feature ... how?

I received an email “Introducing Dedicated Circuit Monitoring” offering the additional CT clamps to monitor up to two dedicated circuits which I thought is cool so I ordered them. Trying to navigate documentation on how to actually enable this feature in the app though is not cool

Questions and confusion on Sense’s documentation on this below:

  1. The email does not say anything about this being a beta feature but it appears it is. I have no issue being a beta tester and all for it but how do I do that?

  2. There appears to be two separate install guides on this one is called dedicated load one is called dedicated circuit. What is the difference?

  3. The dedicated circuit install guide states Go to Settings / My Home / Connected Devices and select “Dedicated Circuit Monitoring” within Sensor Sources and does not mention anything about being a beta feature. That is not an option in my app, the dedicated load install guide states this is a beta feature and to go to the beta forum with no link on where the beta forum is, it just links to this main forum. I see no beta forums. Also the dedicated load install guide calls the feature “Dedicated Load” in the app which is not clear the difference from dedicated circuit

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Hi Luke,

Very sorry for the confusion! As the email noted, this feature is not yet available in the app but will be out soon.

Can I ask where you found the link to the guide? That’s an early version for beta testing and has outdated information on it. I’ve since removed that page. The feature is officially called Dedicated Circuit Monitoring now and is the correct installation guide. You will not be able to proceed with the final step until the app update is available.

Thank you, I had the same question.

Any time frame for when the app update will be available? I just installed the sensors a few minutes ago then went looking for how to set it up.

Hey @Corey7. As Ryan mentioned, this should be out soon. We’re aiming for before the end of this week, but it could release sooner. I’ll post the release notes here once the update is live.

@RyanAtSense, I found the dedicated load install guide from searching google trying to figure out how to enable the feature in the app. Is there a beta channel of the app users can apply to be part of or is that full at this point?

Thanks. I’m going to shoot you a private message to gather some more info.

Same thing here - would have been nice to include a not about the app availability in the original offer email or at least in the ship notif or something.

Correction ^^^^ apparently I can’t read and it did say that :slight_smile:

The email with the announcement included a note that we would release this the week of October 12th :slight_smile: . It will be coming this week.


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