Delete a Custom Notification

I’ll put this here as a bug as it’s related.

Set microwave to warn if on more than 30 minutes (fan). Also want to delete 15 minute custom alert but cannot determine how :man_shrugging:t3:

Unit ran for much longer than 15 or 30 minutes. It never alerted.


Does Sense reliably detect your Microwave? I could see a missed ON/OFF signature as being the cause here, but your Device Timeline indicates otherwise.

If you could open a ticket with so we can track this, that would be great.

Toggle the “switch” next to the custom notification to ‘OFF’.

I have a KP115 on the Microwave.

Toggling the switch to Off doesn’t delete it. Just turns it off.

Tap the text that says ‘ON for 15 minutes’ under Custom Notifications.
Underneath that text it should say ‘Delete’. Shown below.

So it can only be deleted when turned off. Got it.


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