Detect device cycles instead of just ON and OFF



Things like fridge and HVAC run in cycles. My fridge for example runs for about 45 minutes and then it goes off for 11 minutes. Fridges are not supposed to turn off (right?) and it’d be very useful if not essential to be notified if your fridge actually goes off, think a freezer full of meat off for hours… :nauseated_face: I know you can create notifications but it does not look right to see my fridge listed as off in my among other devices (it would be more correct to show something like “standby”).

So why not also detect cycles in addition to ON and OFF, and since Sense already knows for how long a device usually runs on average, you can correctly get an insight for when a device that’s suppose to be on turns off (taking in consideration its standby duration).


Basically, you’re looking for notification such as “Your fridge hasn’t been seen in 14 hours” or “Your sewer ejector pump hasn’t run in 24 hours”? That would definitely be helpful. For instance my ERV got switched off somehow and I didn’t know for a couple months. My house was built to be extremely tight so it requires an ERV to bring in fresh air. Without it, CO2 levels can get up over 1800 ppm. I noticed I was feeling very tired all the time and felt like I couldn’t breath. Checked the ERV and the switch was turned off. It would have been nice is Sense could send me notification letting me know my ERV hadn’t reported in for a while.


Thanks for the suggestion @iansampaio. This is definitely something we’ll look into as we continue to build out notification functionality. For now, I’d suggest looking at how long your fridge typically cycles off for and set up a custom notification around an ‘off’ longer than that (although you may have already done this).

@KHouse75, would the custom notifications Sense currently has work in this instance?


I don’t use notifications but custom appears to be able to do that. Might be nice to have it repeat notifications if it already doesn’t do so.