I wish Sense didnt send notifications that my device has been on for X ammount of time durring a power outage when my monitor is offline.

Appears the on signature starts a timer that only the devices off signature stops.
It makes things really confusing during an already stressful time.
I really like receiving these notifications otherwise.


Good suggestion! I have a similar situation with device off notifications for X amount of time. This supports your theory that the timer is started by the event in question.

I have notifications set up for my fridge and my freezer if they are off for 6 hours. A couple weeks ago, my WiFi stopped working soon after I went to bed, so Sense was offline all night. The next morning, notifications from Sense are what clued me in that I had an issue. The fridge and freezer were running when I looked at them, so I looked for other causes of the notification. Rebooting the WiFi made Sense happy again.

Thinking a little more into this…
I would not want Sense to cancel out the timer if the monitor goes offline as that could cause other issues. That would likely result in no notification if Sense reboots, router reboot, minimal outage, etc…

Something more along the line of notification time reached - monitor online = send notification. Monitor offline = halt notification.
Another (possibly easier to implement and better) solution would be for Sense to create a ‘Monitor online’ notification.

When I got the notification my initial first thought was the power issue was resolved and caused an aquarium heater to malfunction and stick on (which is much worse than being off for the same amount of time).

@jefflayman brings up a good reverse situation. Getting a notification your fridge has been off for so long would cause someone to freak out about food spoilage.

I can see this being amplified for devices on smart plugs, with someone thinking the plug itself didn’t turn back on.

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All the notifications that I have set up are for the other way around… fridge / deep freezer has been on for more than “35 mins”.

I have a stand up deep freezer that its coil is water cooled and only 18” worth of copper… it’s actually cooled by the water inside the dip pan which has evaporated several time since I bought it…. Which causes the Freon not to function correctly which causes the compressor to run more than 35 mins. Also leaving the door open … makes the compressor run more than 35mins. A very dirt coil, a frozen evaporator, stuck fan or blocked vents will all cause your compressor to run too long.

The reason it currently sends the notification that a device hasn’t ran … when your sense is offline. The notifications come from the cloud so when “” doesn’t hear from your fridge in X time. It sends and alert.

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